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Upland introduces "Share and Build" airdrop for social engagements

Upland's latest airdrop leverages social media for user rewards.

Upland introduces "Share and Build" airdrop for social engagements

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Mobile-focused metaverse Upland announced the launch of its “Share and Build” airdrop series. This initiative offers the Upland community and Web3 enthusiasts a chance to engage with the platform and earn Spark tokens. Spark, the two-year-old in-game utility token, is essential for constructing buildings and creating no-code user-generated content (UGC) within Upland’s open economy.

Upland also mentioned the launch of its new token, which will enable tradable transactions outside of the platform, with a bridging feature to convert between Spark and Sparklet.

The first chapter of “Share and Build” airdrop encourages participants to farm Spark by engaging in various social media activities, particularly on X (formerly Twitter). This three-week event will feature 10 different reward levels, with points earned on social media being converted to Spark in Upland. Additionally, user engagement and social stats on X will influence participants’ multipliers, and partnerships with Upland will offer a “points boost” for further rewards.

“We’re excited to launch the ‘Share and Build’ Airdrop program as we are getting ready for Sparklet. This initiative aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering a thriving Web3 ecosystem and rewarding passionate players,” said Dirk Lueth, co-founder and co-CEO of Upland. “Chapter 1 of the Airdrop program presents a great way to engage, earn, and own a piece of the future in the metaverse. For new users, this is an opportunity to explore Upland and the extensive Spark utility already existing within our open economy. We encourage everyone to join the Upland community and experience the exciting world of Web3 gaming.”

The program will also reward participants with a Block Explorer NFT for each chapter completed, with a special NFT available to those who accumulate five Chapter Block Explorers. In addition to social media activities, Upland will offer tailored missions within the platform to get more Spark rewards. These missions will cater to both new and existing users, ensuring a fair chance for all to engage and earn rewards in the Upland metaverse.

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