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Wanchain appoints Temujin Louie as new CEO

Wanchain appoints Temujin Louie as new CEO

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February 28th, 2024 – London – Wanchain, the longest-running blockchain interoperability solution, has appointed its current VP, Temujin Louie, as its new CEO. Temujin will succeed Jack Lu, the founder and outgoing CEO of Wanchain, who will transition to an active advisory role within the company. Jack and Temujin announced the change together during a community AMA, and the transition takes effect immediately.

Alongside the leadership change, Wanchain also teased several future developments in line with an updated mission and vision to reposition the project and achieve its projected growth out to 2030.

While remaining committed to the security and decentralised interoperability, under Temujin’s leadership, Wanchain will work towards an industry-wide interoperability standard that will ensure scalability, unify isolated networks and drive the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. Additionally, Temujin revealed plans to unlock additional utility for Wanchain’s WAN coin, beginning with the introduction of bridge fees, a proportion of which will be earmarked for a community treasury to accelerate ecosystem growth.

“Over the past seven years, Wanchain has been driven by a mission to drive blockchain adoption by building decentralised bridges that connect the industry’s siloed blockchains,” said Temujin Louie, the newly appointed CEO of Wanchain. “As we continue our journey, we are taking a new direction by aiming to not only connect as many siloed chains as possible but also to use our experience and R&D prowess to establish a unified interoperability standard that will help onboard the next billion to Web3.”

In support of the change in leadership, Jack will remain involved with Wanchain as an advisor, providing guidance and support to the team.

“As we embark on this new chapter, I am confident that Wanchain will continue to thrive under Temujin’s leadership,” said Jack Lu, the founder of Wanchain. “I look forward to staying connected and supporting the team in my new role as an advisor and contributing to Wanchain’s future success.”

Wanchain’s commitment to driving blockchain adoption and fostering interoperability is stronger than ever. With Temujin at the helm, Wanchain will continue to lead the industry in its mission to unify all blockchains and drive Web3’s mainstream adoption through a user-friendly, interoperable cross-chain UX.


About Wanchain:

Wanchain is the longest-running decentralised interoperability solution. Founded in 2017, Wanchain is committed to driving blockchain adoption by unifying isolated networks. While connecting the industry’s siloed networks, Wanchain strives to accelerate the development of a scalable, industry-wide blockchain interoperability standard. To date, Wanchain’s infrastructure connects more than 30 EVM and non-EVM networks while sporting top-grade security and industry-best uptime.

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