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Worldcoin to debut Ethereum layer 2 "World Chain" this summer

World Chain aims to offer verified humans priority access and free gas on Ethereum's L2.

world chain layer 2

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Worldcoin, the brainchild of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, unveiled today its latest development: World Chain, an Ethereum layer 2 (L2) network powered by Optimism’s OP Stack. With this new blockchain, Worldcoin’s vision is to build an open and collaborative network “by humanity” and “for humanity.”

According to Worldcoin’s blog announcement, the new blockchain is designed to prioritize humans over bots, offering verified individuals priority blockspace and a gas allowance for everyday transactions.

World Chain aims to provide developers with access to millions of real users globally, focusing on practical applications in daily life, the team noted. The integration with the Worldcoin protocol is set to spur growth and utilize World ID’s Proof of Personhood to ensure security and scalability within the Ethereum ecosystem.

The network will be permissionless, and open-source, and is planned to be governed independently by the community. World Chain’s anticipated launch is later this summer.

In just nine months, Worldcoin has achieved impressive adoption with over 10 million users across 160 countries creating World IDs and wallets, facilitating a staggering 75 million transactions, the team shared. This rapid expansion is driving the Worldcoin team to push the boundaries of blockchain technology, focusing on efficiency, user experience, and utility enhancements.

According to the team, World Chain is being built to enhance capacity, allowing for the continued growth of its user base and providing a more efficient transaction experience.

By reducing congestion, World Chain aims to make transactions faster and less expensive. With World ID, users can prove they’re a real person, anonymously, which can get them priority for their transactions and even some free gas. This makes it easier for new people to join without worrying about high fees.

For developers, World Chain represents a new frontier to engage with on-chain users at scale, offering a suite of decentralized financial and identity applications that cater to everyday needs, the team highlighted. This ecosystem combines the power of Worldcoin ID for secure identity verification with the functionality of Worldcoin, stablecoins, and various financial services.

Worldcoin said it will continue to contribute to Ethereum’s network and collaborate with the broader Superchain ecosystem to advance shared goals in scaling, security, and interoperability.

Optimism also shared its excitement about the introduction of World Chain. Notably, Coinbase’s L2 network, Base, also leverages the OP Stack, highlighting the growing adoption of this innovative scaling solution.

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