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GuildFi rebrands to Zentry with a 1-for-10 token split

Zentry's strategic rebranding fosters a new era of integrated gaming experiences.

GuildFi rebrands to Zentry with a 1-for-10 token split

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Web3 gaming guild GuildFi has announced a strategic rebranding after securing $140 million in funding in 2022 from notable investors including Binance Labs, Coinbase Ventures, Animoca, Pantera Capital, and Hashed.

According to the announcement, the rebranding marks a significant step in Zentry’s mission to create a universal Superlayer that will integrate games across all platforms into a single, cohesive Play Economy.

“Imagine a game of games: one profile, expansive rewards, multiversal IPs and vast gaming activities,” said Jarindr Thitadilaka, founder & CEO of Zentry. “We’re reshaping how gamers are recognized and rewarded by enabling how a player’s gaming activities benefit their real-world self, and their real-world actions to boost their digital self. This will usher in a fundamental shift in the gaming industry where profits will flow from corporations to players.”

The rebranding also introduces a token conversion program, allowing GuildFi token holders to convert to the new Zentry token in a 1-for-10 split, further integrating the community into the Zentry ecosystem. With over $100 million in treasury and partnerships with leading Web3 properties, Zentry is set to become a dominant force in the gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle sectors.

Zentry’s idea is to create a massive multiplayer online RPG in real life. This overlay experience will combine loyalty systems, gamer identities, and cross-world activities, offering a unified community for the world’s three billion gamers.

Moreover, their ecosystem designed for blockchain gaming is aimed at transcending traditional DAOs, offering a story-driven product ecosystem with four core components: a blockchain infrastructure bridging Web2 and Web3 data, consumer apps targeting diverse player demographics, an IP-rich world for deeper engagement, and a substantial treasury for strategic growth and ecosystem incentives.

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