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Zyfi secures $2 million to enable gasless transactions on zkSync

Zyfi's API simplifies protocol complexities, democratizing on-chain engagement.

Zyfi zkSync innovation logo in gold on teal.

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Zyfi, a gas abstraction layer on zkSync, announced a successful $2 million private funding round. The company, which offers a Paymaster-As-A-Service that allows any tokens to be used as gas, claims it is poised to transform the on-chain experience with native account abstraction.

Among the investors are firms such as Everstake Capital, Tenzor Capital,, Criterionvc, NxGen, Majinx Capital, v3ntures, and Momentum8. The fresh money flow will fund the development of software development kits (SDKs) and paymaster solutions for dApps, aiming to drive utility for governance token holders and support research on account abstraction across all chains, including EIP-7702 implementation.

“At Zyfi, we are dedicated to tackling crucial challenges within the DeFi ecosystem and empowering builders to create seamless DeFi experiences for users,” said Gauthier Vila, Founder of Zyfi. “This is revolutionary because developers can now concentrate on enhancing their products with an API that simplifies the intricacies of protocols.”

According to Zyfi’s team, its infrastructure has already processed over 815,000 transactions and facilitated gasless flows for more than 110,000 users on zkSync. The company has integrated with prominent protocols like Zerolend, Increment Fi, PancakeSwap, zkMarkets, and Libera.

Zyfi enables decentralized applications (dApps) to propose gas payments with any ERC-20 token or to sponsor transaction gas costs for users. This solution is powered by an API that simplifies protocol complexities, allowing developers to focus on product innovation.

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