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A Decentraland Game Is Giving Away Thousands in MANA Tokens

YouHodler is giving away $30,000 worth of MANA tokens over a three-day Decentraland event. 

A Decentraland Game Is Giving Away Thousands in MANA Tokens
Photo: Decentraland

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CeFi platform YouHodler has entered the Metaverse to host a three-day Decentraland treasure hunt. 

YouHodler Unveils Decentraland Treasure Hunt

Decentraland players stand to win big in YouHodler’s Metaverse treasure hunt.

The crypto fintech platform YouHodler announced a Metaverse treasure hunt Wednesday. YouHodler has said it will give away $30,000 worth of MANA tokens. 

The three-day event takes place in Decentraland, where YouHodler has set up three “escape style” rooms filled with smart activities. Solving the puzzles gives players the chance to win YouHodler NFTs, VIP interest rates, and a chance at the daily grand prize of $10,000 worth of MANA tokens. One winner will be selected for the prize each day. 

To join the event, users need to open an account with YouHodler and register to participate in the treasure hunt. When the event begins on May 2, registered users will receive a secret access code and the Decentraland location coordinates via email. The YouHodler website states that the participant who completes the tasks correctly in the fastest time will win the $10,000 grand prize.

Those who don’t win the prize will still be eligible to win YouHodler NFTs and VIP interest rates based on their Twitter activity over the event period. All participants will also receive a free Decentraland wearable to commemorate the event. 

YouHodler is one of several so-called centralized finance or “CeFi” platforms that let users borrow against their crypto holdings and earn interest on their assets. YouHodler markets itself as a platform for “active HODLers” that want to put their crypto portfolio to use aside from simply holding and trading. 

Disclosure: At the time of writing this piece, the author owned ETH and several other cryptocurrencies. 

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