Timothy Craig

Aberdeen, Scotland

Timothy Craig

Aberdeen, Scotland
Tim Craig has a background in psychology and is particularly interested in proof-of-work algorithms and decentralized finance. He hopes cryptocurrencies and DeFi can help recreate traditional financial systems with fair and equal access for everyone.
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum Suffer as Financial Markets Slide


    Crypto assets have slid further following widespread weakness in global financial markets. Rising interest rates are making future profits less attractive for risk-on assets such as technology stocks and cryptocurrencies. ...

  • Crypto.com Confirms $34M Hack Without Explaining Cause


    Crypto.com has confirmed it was hacked for $34 million Monday but is yet to explain how an attacker was able to bypass accounts’ two-factor authentication to steal the funds.  Crypto.com...

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  • ICOs Could Be Returning to South Korea


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    The Metaplex Foundation has raised $46 million from investors to expand support for NFT, gaming, and Metaverse applications. Metaplex Completes Raise Solana’s NFT ecosystem is about to get a boost...

  • Multichain Users Lose $1.4M Due to Bridge Bug


    A bug in the Multichain Bridge Protocol has resulted in users losing over $1.4 million to hackers, with millions more potentially still at risk.  Multichain Bug Hits Bridge Users Multichain...