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Cryptocurrency analysis is separate from news on Crypto Briefing. Although it’s important to write about what’s going on in the blockchain world, we find it just as important to offer context and perspective to our readers.

Sure, the hash rate for Bitcoin is going up – what does that mean? The Ethereum network is congested – by what?

Our analysis writers also examine industry trends, developments, and the overarching theme of cryptocurrency adoption, to bring you insightful commentary that helps all readers navigate the cryptosphere successfully.

binance traders betting big on nano and icx

Binance Traders Are Betting Big on Nano And ICX

The week has just started and sentiment already looks positive, as cryptocurrency traders move more value into riskier digital assets. Millions of dollars have...
Bitcoin rises after Facebook news

Bitcoin Market Cap Hits $100bn As Facebook Reveals Crypto Plans

Cryptocurrency markets are bright green, with total capitalization rising nearly $10bn over the past 24 hours. This is the highest level since the 'Bitcoin...
cosmos wants global economy on the blockchain

Cosmos: The Global Economy Will Run On The Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and blockchains offer services that were impossible in earlier systems: free and fast international transactions, secure and uncensorable trading and a virtual store...
Binance Suffers From Wash Trading Too Says Blockchain Transparency Institute

Binance Suffers From Wash Trading? And For $850, So Can You.

The Blockchain Transparency Institute has released its April 2019 Market Surveillance Report, and it claims that Binance is among the exchanges on which wash...
what to expect from chainlink mainnet launch

ChainLink Mainnet Launch In Nine Days: LINK Investment Analysis

The ChainLink (LINK) mainnet is launching on May 30th. Using our previous mainnet analysis, we can examine the trading patterns that have characterized similar...
vekey could become vechain thor's hammer

VeKey Could Become VeChain Thor’s Hammer

In its 2018 global blockchain survey report, Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, made the bold assertion that blockchain was “getting closer...
Is it time to invest in altcoins like XRP or ADA

How Do Altcoins Perform The Week After Bitcoin Soars?

Bitcoin has been getting a lot of attention recently, and we can’t even keep up with its price jumps. But is it time to...
Is there an ethereum killer on the loose

Is The “Ethereum Killer” On The Loose?

Binance has launched its own blockchain, raising speculation that yet another another Ethereum killer could be on the loose. Ethereum's imminent death has already...
Nash Exchange The Compliant Crypto DEX Of The Future Arrives

Nash Exchange: The Compliant Crypto DEX Of The Future Arrives

Nash Exchange is a non-custodial exchange that will soon launch its beta platform among core community members. Upon its launch, the exchange aims to...
Pundi X positioned for MENA expansion

Pundi X POSitions Itself For Middle East Expansion

The team at Pundi X could never be accused of lacking ambition. Since launching their tokens through a $35 million ICO in early January...

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