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Cryptocurrency analysis is separate from news on Crypto Briefing. Although it’s important to write about what’s going on in the blockchain world, we find it just as important to offer context and perspective to our readers.

Sure, the hash rate for Bitcoin is going up – what does that mean? The Ethereum network is congested – by what?

Our analysis writers also examine industry trends, developments, and the overarching theme of cryptocurrency adoption, to bring you insightful commentary that helps all readers navigate the cryptosphere successfully.

Coinbase Pushes Binance Launchpad Project MATIC To New Heights

Irony: Coinbase Pushes Binance Launchpad Project MATIC To New Heights

Scalability is one of the biggest issues in cryptocurrency, and several leading blockchains are throttled at a handful of transactions per second. High-throughput networks...
Consensus Bump and Slump Hangover Depresses Crypto Prices

Consensus Bump n’ Slump: Hungover Market Takes $15bn Correction

Today's crypto markets demonstrate that Consensus, the biggest event in the industry, is well and truly over. Following CoinDesk's flagship jamboree, crypto is a...
binance traders betting big on nano and icx

Binance Traders Are Betting Big on Nano And ICX

The week has just started and sentiment already looks positive, as cryptocurrency traders move more value into riskier digital assets. Millions of dollars have...
Bitcoin Flash Crashes Historical Context As BTC Recovers Losses

Bitcoin Flash Crashes: Historical Context As BTC Recovers Losses

A bitcoin flash crash put a (temporary) end to the recent bull run, with bitcoin losing ten percent only days after doubling in price...
Kraken open the world of democratic finance

Kraken Open The World Of Democratic Investment

Kraken has opened its doors to small investors with an offering listed on the Bnk to the Future crowdfunding platform. The San Francisco-based exchange...
What’s At Stake How Blockchain Governance Found Its Voice Over The Cryptopia Hack

What’s At Stake: How Blockchain Governance Found Its Voice Over The Cryptopia Hack

Decentralization is not only a feature of the cryptocurrency industry; for many, it’s the defining cause. The centralization of power and money in the hands...
Rewind to Altcoin Season 2017 Remember BitConnect, Lykke, MCAP, and FairCoin

Rewind to Altcoin Season 2017: Remember BitConnect, Lykke, MCAP, and FairCoin?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves with “alt season” just yet. Early this week we published analysis that altcoins have historically outperformed bitcoin after BTC...
Binance Labs could be funding the end of Ethereum

Is Binance Labs Paying For Ethereum’s Grave?

The growth of Binance (BNB), from conceptual spot exchange to industry goliath, has been phenomenal. Founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ) has rapidly expanded his offerings,...
cross border payments race heating up

The Cross Border Payments Race Is Heating Up

Cross border payments represent one of the most self-evident use cases of cryptocurrencies. Digital currencies move across borders faster than traditional payment pathways, with...
Block.one announces buyback

Chips Off The Old Block: EOS Founders Reward Early Investors

Block.one has handsomely rewarded the faith of early investors. Yesterday, the company that built the EOS platform announced a buyback of ten percent of...

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