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Cryptocurrency analysis is separate from news on Crypto Briefing. Although it’s important to write about what’s going on in the blockchain world, we find it just as important to offer context and perspective to our readers.

Sure, the hash rate for Bitcoin is going up – what does that mean? The Ethereum network is congested – by what?

Our analysis writers also examine industry trends, developments, and the overarching theme of cryptocurrency adoption, to bring you insightful commentary that helps all readers navigate the cryptosphere successfully.

Social Media Crypto Projects Like Reddcoin (RDD) Should Thrive In The USA

Social Media Crypto Projects Like Reddcoin (RDD) Should Thrive In The USA

There is a disparity between how lawmakers in the US regulate the financial sector and the tech sector. An established banking industry makes it...
exchange volume mostly air

Bitwise: Crypto Exchange Volume Still Mostly Air

Wash trading is the new stick to beat crypto with. But it's also damaging the markets, leading investors to make the wrong judgements.
Chainmerger Could BTC And BCH Ever Become One Again

Chainmerger: Could BTC And BCH Ever Become One Again?

Hard forks litter cryptocurrency. Not all are destructive, but those that make the news are the community disagreements that create irrecoverable splits. Ethereum (ETH) and...
institutional investments rise with bitcoin volatility

Institutional Investments Rise With Bitcoin Volatility. Wait, What?

Institutional investors have long been considered a key ingredient in the recipe for bitcoin's mass adoption. However, they are also considered the least likely...
Decred is the Bitcoin you wished BTC Could Be

Decred Is The Bitcoin You Wished BTC Could Be

Decred (DCR) is a proof-of-work (PoW) cryptocurrency that has the same coin supply as Bitcoin, but what differentiates it? Decred is essentially “Bitcoin with governance”....
Crypto Scarcity Drives Price A Concept Even Nouriel Roubini Should Understand

Crypto Scarcity Drives Price: A Concept Even Nouriel Roubini Should Understand

As the Bitcoin bull market surges on, other projects are ever more aware of the fundamental appeal that BTC has: scarcity. There will only...
Crypto centralization could hold the key to mass adoption of decentralization

Crypto Centralization Spurs Decentralization Movement

The other day I introduced my mom to Bitcoin. First we reviewed the open-source code together, before she downloaded her first wallet software from the...
crypto gives legacy banking the bird

Crypto To Bank Itself, As Legacy Banking System Chokes The Industry

One of the biggest goals for cryptocurrency is to bank the unbanked. By some estimates, one-third of the world’s population has no access to...
State Of Play A Comprehensive Analysis of Where the SEC Stands on Cryptocurrency and the Bitcoin ETF applications

State Of Play: The SEC’s Current Positions On Cryptocurrency

In the wake of SEC’s announcement that it would push back its decision on the proposed Bitcoin ETF to September this year, the need...

Bitcoin Sentiment Continues To Rise As Price Skyrockets Past $13,000

Bitcoin is worth what the market says it's worth: and right now the market is drawing from a well of faith, creating more expectation...

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