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lightning bug illuminates trouble for bitcoin scaling

Lightning Bug Illuminates Trouble For Bitcoin Scaling

Lightning Labs has confirmed that a major vulnerability in the Lightning Network has been exploited 'in the wild.' The peer-to-peer payment network is meant...
Blockchain Games May Decentralization Be Always In Your Favor

Blockchain Games: May Decentralization Be Ever In Your Favor

The crypto market has endured a difficult sobering year, proving that not everything needs to be on blockchain and that crypto is not going...
Cryptocurrency Self Regulation Could Help Shape The Debate for the CFTC and SEC

Can The Cryptocurrency Industry Regulate Itself?

It's clear that the virtual currency sector is in dire need of consistent regulation, but, at the same time, everyone’s got a different opinion...
Is Bitcoin Mining Really An Environmental Catastrophe

Is Bitcoin Mining Really An Environmental Catastrophe?

We've seen the screaming headlines: Bitcoin uses more electricity than Ireland! Bitcoin is an environmental terrorist! Bitcoin will use more energy than the whole...
Pundi X positioned for MENA expansion

Pundi X POSitions Itself For Middle East Expansion

The team at Pundi X could never be accused of lacking ambition. Since launching their tokens through a $35 million ICO in early January...
bitcoin copper ringing recession alarms

Bitcoin And Copper: Two Assets Ringing Recession Alarms

If gold is the flag for an oncoming recession, copper is the opposite. With applications spanning construction, manufacturing, and electrical equipment, the industrial metal...
What dApp category is most popular?

The Changing Face of DApps: Which DApp Categories Are The Strongest?

It's no secret that decentralized applications are growing in popularity. Right now, there are about 3,000 dApps in existence, primarily scattered across Ethereum, EOS,...
morgan stanley: USDT buys most bitcoin

Morgan Stanley: Most Bitcoins Are Bought With Tether

Tether (USDT) is now the most popular asset for buying Bitcoin (BTC), suggesting that the latest rally is fueled by existing rather than new...
Shakepay lets users turn spare change into crypto

Falling Bitcoin Dominance May Lead Spectacular Altcoin Returns

Drops in Bitcoin dominance coinciding with drops in its price may act as a strong leading indicator for short-term altcoin gains. A look at...
CFTC Commodity Futures Trading Commission jurisdictional scope over cryptocurrencies and other digital assets

CFTC And Its Jurisdiction Over Cryptocurrencies

It was in 2015 that the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) first put its foot down on the unregistered bitcoin options trading platform...
Bitcoin price up as new futures contract unveiled

Market Cap Is Just One Way Of Valuing Crypto

There are two things that every new crypto investor learns. First: pay attention to market cap. Sure, Ripple may be only worth fifty cents—but...
why bakkt's slow start was no surprise

Late Bloomer: Why Bakkt’s Slow Start Is No Surprise

Bakkt has finally opened its platform for physically-delivered Bitcoin futures, but the response has been underwhelming. Nearly a year after the owners of the...
Buying Bitcoin In Africa The Hustle Of Cryptocurrency Trading

Buying Bitcoin In Africa: The Hustle Of Cryptocurrency Trading

When he heard about the prospect of a digital asset that had an ‘assured profit’ tag attached, Brenda Gatwiri knew she had to get...
Monero block size is growing slowly after the hard fork

Monero Activity Halves After Hard Fork

Monero (XMR) does a great job at hiding from prying eyes. It is a privacy coin, after all. But although expected to be one...
Ethereum Classic ETCDev Hostile Takeover Or Rescue Mission

ETCDev Demise: Hostile Takeover Or Rescue Mission?

Crypto Briefing reported earlier this week on the surprise demise of ETCDev, a principal developer company behind Ethereum Classic (ETC). In our article published on...
SEC Warms up to crypto, kik still left out

SEC Opens To Crypto, But Kik Still Left Out

Hester Peirce may look favorably on digital assets, but 'Crypto Mom' is not the only parent at the SEC. The Securities and Exchange Commission...
Why Americans Need To Focus On DEX Liquidity Right Now

Why Americans Need To Focus On DEX Liquidity – Right Now

In the past two months Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, and Bancor have all decided to exclude U.S. customers from using parts of their exchange services...
BTC mining helps power renewable electricty

Bitcoin Mining Consumes More Electricity Than New Zealand, Report Finds

Bitcoin mining currently consumes more electricity than the entire country of New Zealand, according to a new report. But the cloud has a green...
chainlink stands out among leading tokens

Chainlink, ID Management Tokens Among The Year’s Winners

Cryptocurrencies that feature in identity management (IdM) solutions have been among the best investments in the first half of the year. In a webinar hosted...
The Costco Of Crypto How A Lending Business Doesn't Have To Be Exploitative

How A Crypto Lending Business That ‘Hates The Banks’ Avoids Exploiting Its Customers

Readers of a certain age will remember a time when banks could increase your wealth, as well as store it. If you’re old enough...

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