Liam Kelly

Liam Kelly
Liam is an writer focused on emerging technologies, digital weirdness, and the decentralized web. He is also skilled at seeking out Internet-based subcultures, communicating between niche communities, and unearthing incoming trends in technology, culture, and politics. Based out of Berlin, Germany, he enjoys playing soccer and playing solitaire in his local Kneipe.
datawallet helps protect online privacy

On-Chain Bitcoin Analysis Reveals New Depth of PlusToken Scam

OXT Research, a tool from Samourai Wallet, recently revealed the full depth of last year’s PlusToken Bitcoin sell-off. Beyond a crash course in crypto...
Bitcoin's lightning network capacity is decreasing

Activity on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network May Be Misleading

A recent report from BitMex revealed several critical points about activity within Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. At first glance, readers glean that this activity is...
Ethereum's Casper is entering a new stage

Gaming Tops dApp Use in 2019, but DeFi Generated More Value

According to DappRadar’s 2019 Industry Review, Ethereum’s most popular applications all came from the world of gaming. At the same time, so-called “Ethereum Killers,”...
Craig Wright Is The Donald Trump Of Crypto

Craig S. Wright Alleges Third Tulip Trust in Outstanding Bitcoin Lawsuit

Craig S. Wright furnished documents on Jan. 6, 2020, citing the existence of a third Tulip Trust, which holds the alleged 1,100,111 Bitcoin.  A Garden...
what to expect from chainlink mainnet launch

Chainlink Token Holders to Earn Interest on DeFi Application

In the latest DeFi launch, money market protocol Aave will gather off-chain pricing data via the decentralized oracle services of Chainlink. LINK token holders...
BlockFi Introduces Suite Of Institutional Investor Services

BlockFi Announces USDC and Litecoin Support

The crypto-financial services platform BlockFi today announced support for Litecoin and the stablecoin USDC. Users can now earn compounding interest when holding either cryptocurrency. Blockfi...
Stellar Lumens price analysis August 27

Stellar Lumen’s Inflation Scheme Shows Failures in Token Model

In a January 7, 2020, report from Coinmetrics, analyst Antoine Le Calvez revealed several supply and distribution failures within the Stellar Lumens network. Specifically,...
Ethereum ecosystem tokens ERC-20

The Future of DeFi Depends on Ethereum, But for How Long?

As decentralized finance gains steam how much of it will depend on Ethereum? Well, it depends on how long Ethereum 2.0 takes to launch. DeFi’s...