The Secret to a Bitcoin Beating Portfolio

This proven investment strategy can help your portfolio crush Bitcoin and stocks.

The Secret to a Bitcoin Beating Portfolio

Key Takeaways

  • Asymmetric investing beats the market by making lots of small bets in investments with huge upside potential.
  • Blockchain technology makes high-potential projects available to everyday investors.
  • By leveraging this battle-tested strategy you could make 5x the gains of Bitcoin and 19x the returns of stocks.

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Bitcoin has made incredible gains of 169% since the beginning of the year. From $7,200 per Bitcoin, prices have climbed to $19,400⁠—and even momentarily set a new all-time high of $19,860.

The stock market has also made a steady recovery in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the S&P 500 once again making new highs. Year-to-date stocks are up 11%.

How could we possibly beat Bitcoin and stocks by 5x and 19x?

We know it sounds impossible, but this simple strategy allowed us to thrash them both. And by using this strategy you can generate similar returns for your own portfolio.

The Bitcoin Beating Strategy

The cornerstone of SIMETRI’s simple yet powerful portfolio strategy is called “asymmetric investing.” In simple terms, this is where you make lots of small bets on investments with huge upside potential.

The majority of these bets will turn out to be duds. But all it takes is one or two winners to allow the entire portfolio to generate outstanding returns.

This is the very same strategy used by venture capitalists, who invest small sums of money in hundreds of startups. Even though 90% of startups fail, it only takes one Facebook, Amazon, or Instagram to make the entire portfolio a winner.

But there’s a catch. These kinds of investments aren’t available to the vast majority of investors. These investments are hard to find, require expensive lawyers, and once you’re invested, it’s nearly impossible to sell your stake.

But one technology has completely transformed people’s access to these kinds of high-risk high-reward investments.

A New Investing Landscape

Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, has fundamentally altered how companies raise money and what kinds of investments everyday people can get access to.

Blockchain technology is versatile. Most people are not aware that beyond digital money⁠—like Bitcoin⁠—blockchains are used to represent all kinds of digital assets. In fact, the term “cryptocurrency” is a bit of a misnomer, since a large number of cryptocurrencies more closely resemble stocks rather than currency.

Some cryptocurrencies give holders the right to payouts, similar to dividends. Others have voting rights, giving holders the power to determine the direction of a crypto project.

Not only that, but cryptocurrencies are traded widely. There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges where even newly-formed projects can get listed.

This is a profound change from the traditional financial system. Now, like venture capitalists, everyday investors can get access to investments with enormous upside potential.

But unlike venture capitalists, you won’t have to wait years to cash out of your bets.

Getting Started With Crypto Investing

Beyond Bitcoin, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies that you could invest in. From this huge number of choices, you need to separate the winners from the duds.

And, like venture investing, 90% of cryptocurrency projects fail and lose money in the long-run.

To make matters worse, the cryptocurrency industry is rife with outright scams. Projects claiming to harness blockchain technology like BitConnect, PlusToken, and OneCoin all grew to become multi-billion dollar Ponzi schemes before going bust.

The biggest challenge for everyday investors is “information asymmetry,” where insiders have better information than you do. Because of this fact, it’s easy to get burned. For every legitimate crypto project with promising technology, there’s a scam looking to separate you from your money.

To make money investing in early-stage crypto projects, it’s necessary to understand blockchain technology and the factors that influence the industry. Those who spend more time researching projects and conducting due diligence are at a huge advantage.

Meanwhile, those who blindly follow the trends or pick cryptocurrencies based on their emotions are the ones who are left holding the bag.

But if you master asymmetric investing it is well worth the trouble. As SIMETRI’s proven track record shows, you could earn returns 19x that of the stock market.

And we’re willing to share our secret strategy with you.

Why We Created SIMETRI Research

We founded Crypto Briefing in 2017 with a single goal in mind⁠—highlighting the builders and calling out the scammers. Over the course of three years, we have turned into a hub for research, education, and breaking news in the industry.

During that journey, our team of researchers and analysts made recommendations that earned 494% returns in under two years by leveraging the power of asymmetric investing.

We discovered that our connections and understanding of the industry allowed us to sift the winners from the duds. Instead of losing money on 90% of our recommendations, over half of our picks made money.

And remember, this is asymmetric investing. When a bet is a winner it can completely blow away your expectations.

It would go against our values to hoard this knowledge to ourselves. In 2019, we founded SIMETRI to show everyday investors how to make extraordinary returns by investing in cutting-edge cryptocurrency projects.

SIMETRI is a battle-tested suite of research tools⁠—including investment reports, trade recommendations, and a live trading dashboard⁠—with a proven track record of helping everyday investors make 10x crypto investments.

You don’t need to be a computer scientist to take advantage of this emerging market. SIMETRI gives you the same privileged look into the markets that insiders have and walks you through every step of the crypto-investing process.

You’re Still Early

You might look at Bitcoin’s prices today and think it’s too late to get into cryptocurrency.

Right now, only about 40 million people are invested in cryptocurrency. That’s about 1 out of every 200 people. However, like the advent of the internet, billions of people will benefit from blockchain technology in the near future. If you act now, you’re still extremely early.

But the window is closing. If you want to leverage the power of asymmetric investing you need to get in on these projects before they grow to the size of the next Facebook, Amazon, or Microsoft.

You still have an opportunity to jump on this opportunity before the masses do⁠—and potentially make unimaginable returns compared to the stock market.

Now is your chance to take the plunge.

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