Bitcoin SV Ushers In Era Of Mass Adoption By Boldly Reinventing Logo

Kid presents BSV logo

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The Wright camp is proving itself as a serious contender for the Bitcoin name. While other blockchain projects whiled away the 10th anniversary on trivial development and pointless mass adoption, the BSV team got straight to the most important business: changing their logo.

The Bitcoin Commerce Association, or bComm, announced a new design for the two-month old Bitcoin Cash fork, thereby demonstrating that the Satoshi Vision community is not to be trifled with – while also breaking the record for ‘Fastest Rebrand for a Tainted Coin’, previously held by Raiblocks.

In a press release, bComm emphasized that the new design reflects Bitcoin SV’s roots, while leading a new era for Bitcoin to professionalize” – a sentence that could use some professionalizing.

The new logo marks the stunning leap to maturity of the BSV protocol, which split from Bitcoin Cash during a mutually destructive hash war last November. Although some might mistake the splitoff currency -which has fewer than 5,000 active addresses- as the creation of a pair of deluded, narcissistic billionaires, bComm emphasizes that the new symbol “conveys that Bitcoin is ready to grow up.”

Demonstrating BSV’s passage to adulthood, the new emblem features a capital B, along with the letters SV “in dragon gold, honouring the dragon logo of the Bitcoin SV full node implementation.” 

Because nothing says grownup like ‘dragon gold’ .

“After too many years of wasteful diversions from the Satoshi Vision, we can now finally celebrate Bitcoin’s rebirth,” said nChain CEO Jimmy Nguyen, in a statement.  “The new BSV logo represents this pivotal moment for Bitcoin to grow up.”

Further demonstrating nChain’s commitment to professionalism, the nChain CEO elaborated on the distinction between the two logos:

To differentiate the full node implementation from the BSV cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin SV Node team at nChain intends to keep its dragon logo for the time being.   Occupying the 5th position in the Chinese zodiac, the dragon is the mightiest of the signs.  It symbolizes leadership, ambition, good fortune, energy, and independence – perfect qualities for a reference implementation to lead Bitcoin to its destined world-changing future. [our emphasis]

While Nguyen stopped short of drawing a replica Bruce Lee katana and waving it unsteadily at a video camera he had set up on a nearby stool, the message is clear: Bitcoin SV is ready for action.

The new logo was chosen through a conducting a highly-scientific study of the BSV community’s Twitter followers, who were asked to choose from a selection of contending logos. The winning design won with 33% of 1,035 votes – though whether Craig Wright would have seen it is debatable, since he recently went into hiding behind a private Twitter account.

Some of the other imaginative finalists can be seen below:

BSV ran a highly scientific twitter poll
Via bComm

In addition to rebranding, other players in the BSV ecosystem made important contributions to mass adoption. Coingeek, run by billionaire founder and Wright ally Calvin Ayre, did their part by issuing commemorative silver coins to mark the mining of the genesis Bitcoin block.”

The sixty gram coins will be auctioned to the public over the next month, and one will be donated to the Royal Mint. Ironic, since a mint is something you suck on, whereas Bitcoin SV is something that just… well…

This, we expect, is as close as Satoshi Vision will ever get to real money. 

The author owns Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, which are mentioned in this article. 

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