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Bitdeer unveils new chip for low-power Bitcoin mining

The SEAL04 chip is set to achieve 5J/TH power efficiency, reducing the costs and environmental footprint from mining operations.

a developer designing a Bitcoin mining chip

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Bitdeer Technologies has announced the development of the SEAL04 chip, a highly energy-efficient solution for Bitcoin mining, as part of its technology roadmap for the SEALMINER rig.

Set for release in Q2 2025, the SEAL04 chip is expected to achieve an impressive power efficiency of 5J/TH (joules per terahash), significantly lower than the industry average of 29J/TH.

The SEAL04 chip will power the fourth-generation SEALMINER machine, which is scheduled for mass production and delivery starting in Q4 2025. By optimizing the machine’s power consumption to 5.5-6J/TH, Bitdeer aims to address the problem of high energy consumption associated with Bitcoin mining.

The introduction of the SEAL04 chip marks a significant advancement in the crypto mining industry, offering enhanced mining performance while minimizing power consumption. This development is expected to lead to lower operating costs and a reduced environmental footprint for miners.

Bitdeer’s technology roadmap aims to increase transparency in mining by managing miners’ expectations for technological advancements and equipment delivery while providing data analytics on machine capabilities, inventory, and purchasing behavior.

Prior to the SEAL04 chip, Bitdeer successfully tested the SEAL01 chip in March, a 4-nanometer Bitcoin mining chip with a power efficiency of 18.1 J/TH, which was used in its Sealminer A1 mining rig.

The announcement of the SEAL04 chip comes a week after Tether entered into a subscription agreement with Bitdeer to purchase up to $150 million worth of its shares in a private placement. Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino praised Bitdeer as one of the strongest vertically integrated operators in the Bitcoin mining industry, citing its cutting-edge technologies and robust research and development efforts.

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