Meet Brave's New Privacy Centric Ads Platform

Users will receive 70% of the ad revenue.

brave browser introduces privacy ads

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The current state of capital flow between advertisers, consumers, and publishers isn’t exactly an unbroken chain. While consumers and creators drive markets, it’s the intermediaries and content promoters who end up raking in most of the spoils.

But Brave, the web browser project behind Basic Attention Token (BAT), aims to establish a better market connection with a whole new native advertising platform. According to an announcement last week, it’s latest browser will enable users to view privacy protecting smart ads, and users receive 70% of the ad revenue generated from their clicks.

Brave’s new advertising model turns traditional content marketing on its head, empowering users to monetize their time spent discovering new content while protecting their personal information. Furthermore, users can also choose to spread the added value by auto-contributing a portion of their ad revenue to publishers.

This creates a new advertising economy by prioritizing the consumer without whom the chain of capital flow would fall apart. Brave’s model can also motivate content marketers by offering them direct and relevant traffic. Since Brave ads are opt-in, publishers can be confident that when they run an advertisement, it will reach the people most likely to be interested.

Brave’s ad system is already hosting several ad providers including  ViceHome ChefTernio BlockCardMyCrypto, and eToro, who join BuySellAdsTAP NetworkAirSwapFluidity, and Uphold after the platform’s early access campaign.

Brave also intends to roll out a publisher focused advertisement integration for it’s 55,000 registered content providers which will allow them to feature private ads within their websites or channels. Brave plans to prioritize publishers, not only in terms of privacy and convenience, but also in revenue share.

The announcement reads:

“Publisher-integrated Ads will provide 70% of the revenue share to participating Verified publishers and content creators; 15% of the revenue share will go to users that view and engage with the Publisher-integrated Ads, and the remaining 15% of the revenue share will go to Brave.”

Brave is shaking things up by linking consumers with content creators and publishers with minimal friction from intermediaries. The results are smarter, permission-based ads, focused ad-ready traffic, and greater monetization for both audiences and creators.

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