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Chainlink debuts Functions on Arbitrum One to connect web2 APIs to web3

Arbitrum developers gain access to global APIs through Chainlink's latest integration.

Chainlink debuts Functions on Arbitrum One to connect web2 APIs to web3

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Chainlink, the decentralized oracle network, and Arbitrum, a leading layer 2 scaling solution, announced today the mainnet beta release of Chainlink Functions on the optimistic rollup chain Arbitrum One.

This integration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of smart contract capabilities, allowing developers to connect their dApps to any API with trust-minimized computations.

“Making Functions available for Arbitrum users is about connecting Web2 and Web3 developers and bridging the gap to allow for shared collaboration, growth, and a shared sense of community,” said Johann Eid, Chief Business Officer at Chainlink Labs.

Chainlink Functions provides a decentralized compute runtime similar to serverless offerings like AWS Lambda, enabling Web3 applications to run custom off-chain logic.

The launch of Chainlink Functions on Arbitrum One is poised to enhance the developer experience by providing low-cost computation and easy access to Web2 data.

Developers can now explore the Chainlink Functions documentation, try out the Chainlink Functions Playground, and create a subscription to begin integrating these capabilities into their applications.

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