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Coinbase’s Layer-2 Base Faces First Downtime

Just a month after its launch, the L2 network has seen its first outage from internal issues.

Coinbase’s Layer-2 Base Faces First Downtime

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For the first time since its launch a month ago, Coinbase’s layer-two scaling solution, Base, encountered an “internal infrastructure” glitch that halted the finalization of blocks for over an hour.

A statement from Base developers last night addressed the situation:

“We are investigating a stall in production of blocks. Users may have issues submitting transactions. We are actively investigating and will provide updates as we have them”

Coinbase, which is the only node operator for Base, managed to fix the outage in 1 hour and 30 minutes according to data from chain scanner, Base Status.

For perspective, even some of the most battle-tested platforms like Ethereum have suffered similar issues. Earlier this year Ethereum, the leading decentralized smart contract platform, faced two outages in May, one lasting 25 minutes and the other lasting over an hour. Likewise, Solana had at least seven outages back in 2022, and one in February 2023 that took nearly a day to get fixed. Bitcoin, on the other hand, has been running with 100% uptime for over a decade, according to data from Bitcoin Uptime.

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