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Crypto firms targeted in potential email vendor breach, warns Tether CEO

Crypto community on high alert after Tether CEO flags email service compromise.

crypto email breach scene

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Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino has issued a warning that a prominent email newsletter vendor used by crypto companies may have been compromised in what could possibly be a supply chain attack against the crypto industry.

Ardoino shared this information on X (formerly Twitter), suggesting that the incident could be a supply chain attack targeting the crypto industry. He urged caution when interacting with any emails suggesting crypto airdrops received since the past 24 hours.

Email-related breaches are not uncommon in the crypto industry. In the past, several prominent crypto companies have fallen victim to similar exploits, including CoinMarketCap, Celsius, OpenSea, and Ledger. These incidents often involve hackers gaining access to email databases or vendor accounts to launch phishing campaigns targeting users.

Bobby Ong, co-founder and COO of crypto analytics platform CoinGecko supported and corroborated the disclosure, stating that several crypto firms may be affected by email blasts of fake token launches via their accounts. Ong advised the community to be careful when engaging with crypto newsletters in the coming days, as the extent of the breach is still under investigation.

Ong also revealed that CoinGecko might be potentially affected by the breach and is actively working with their vendor to determine the scope of the incident. Ong notes that phishing emails had been sent from other client accounts, falsely claiming the launch of a CoinGecko token. Ong confirmed that there are no plans for such a token and warned users not to be duped by the phishing emails.

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