Drake's $500K Bitcoin bet 'upset' as Celtics beat Mavericks 4-1

The rapper's high-stakes sports bets via Stake could result in more significant Bitcoin losses.

Drake looks upset after he loses half a million in Bitcoin over the NBA Finals
"Is the 'Drake curse' dooming the Mavericks in the NBA Finals?" Source: WFAA YouTube video.

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Renowned rapper Drake recently placed substantial Bitcoin bets on the outcomes of both the NBA Finals and the NHL Stanley Cup Finals via his partnered betting platform, Stake. However, his $500,000 wager on the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA championship has gone awry, and he could face a similar fate with his NHL bet on Tuesday.

On June 6, Drake shared a screenshot on Instagram revealing his $500,000 Bitcoin bet on the Dallas Mavericks, which would have yielded a payout of $1.3 million had the Texas team emerged victorious.

“Dallas cause I’m a Texan,” Drake wrote alongside the Instagram post.

Unfortunately for the rapper, the Boston Celtics clinched their record-breaking 18th NBA championship by defeating the Dallas Mavericks 4-1 in the 2024 NBA Finals.

To make matters worse, Drake’s Bitcoin wallet could take yet another L after his infamous beef with Pulitzer Prize-winning nemesis Kendrick Lamar, if his NHL bet on the Edmonton Oilers also falls through. In the same Instagram post, the Canadian rapper shared that he had placed an identical $500,000 wager on the Oilers to win the Stanley Cup Finals. If his prediction proves accurate, he stands to receive a little over $1 million.

“Oilers are self-explanatory,” Drake wrote.

Interestingly, Drake also wrote about another half a million dollars in one of his lyrics. In the chorus for “I’m Upset,” the fourth single he released in 2018, Drake said:

“I’m upset (‘Set, ‘set) / Half a million on my head I can accept, yeah / ‘Least it makes me feel like someone tried their best, yeah / Want to waste a half a million, be my guest.”

The outcome of Drake’s NHL wager will be determined in the coming days as the Stanley Cup Finals continue to unfold.

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