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GameStop Is Soliciting Applications From NFT Creators

Select users may soon be able to mint non-fungible tokens with the game retailer.

GameStop Is Soliciting Applications From NFT Creators
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Key Takeaways

  • GameStop has updated its NFT website to indicate that it is now accepting applications from content creators.
  • The company is allowing individuals and companies to apply to participate in its NFT marketplace.
  • A launch date has not been revealed, but the update says that NFT minting will be available on a "rolling basis."

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GameStop is now seeking applications from NFT creators, as indicated by recent changes to the company’s website.

GameStop Is Inviting NFT Minters

GameStop’s NFT site is now headlined with the words “calling all creators.”

Users can submit a request to join the site as an NFT creator by completing a web form. The application form asks for the applicant’s name, website link, email address, and (optionally) an Ethereum wallet address.

It also asks the applicant whether they are an independent artist or a company representative. That section of the application reads: “What best describes you? Independent artist/creator/game dev/meme lord/Company/brand/game studio/IP holder.”

The form additionally asks the applicant whether they have created any NFTs in the past and whether they have plans for NFTs to be created in collaboration with GameStop.

Those questions imply that GameStop will be fairly selective about the NFTs that it issues, and that it may not be a platform open to all artists in a manner akin to OpenSea or Rarible.

When Will the NFT Marketplace Launch?

GameStop’s NFT marketplace has been under development for several months. Job postings began to appear in April 2021; another batch of job postings appeared months later in October.

Until today, GameStop’s NFT site displayed a section seeking job applications from developers and other prospective employees. Now that this section has been replaced, it seems that those hires may have been made and that the platform is under development.

A launch date for the NFT marketplace has not yet been announced, but this week’s update reveals that the company will “open up [NFT] minting access on a rolling basis.”

Little else is known for certain about GameStop’s NFT platform. References to GameStop have been found in Loopring’s GitHub code, suggesting that GameStop will use the second-layer network. However, this has not been confirmed by either entity.

Disclosure: At the time of writing, the author of this piece owned ETH, LRC, and other cryptocurrencies.

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