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Gnosis opens public registration for Genome naming service

Gnosis introduces Genome Naming Service, extending ENS for seamless Web3 identity.

Gnosis opens public registration for Genome naming service

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Gnosis, a blockchain infrastructure project advocating for radical inclusivity, has announced the launch of Genome, a digital ID service native to the Gnosis Chain.

Developed in collaboration with Web3 domain and identity platform SpaceID and Web3 messaging protocol dm3, Genome allows users to translate their lengthy, technical wallet addresses into human-readable names, making it easier to send and receive transactions and interact within the Gnosis ecosystem.

Genome automatically grants users ownership of both .GNO and .gnosis.eth names, providing a seamless, interoperable user journey within Gnosis across EVM-compatible blockchains.

The service synchronizes across Gnosis dApps, communities, and social networks, giving users a single identity and login that they can use across various services. Genome is also fully interoperable with the Ethereum Name Service (ENS), enabling users to claim ownership of two domain names simultaneously.

“From payments to gaming to SocialFi, if Web3 is going to fulfill its promises, we need to accelerate interoperable on-chain communication and identification tools,” shares Friederike Ernst, co-founder of Gnosis.

Genome is integrated with various applications on Gnosis Chain, such as Gnosis Pay and Circles, as well as other blockchain utilities like Blockscout and NiftyFair. The integration ensures that users are able to maintain a consistent identity across multiple platforms, enhancing interoperability.

According to Ralph Xu, a Business Development Specialist at Gnosis, the main differentiator between Genome .gno domains and other products is the custom ENS resolver developed by the DM3 Protocol team.

The resolver pairs the .gno domain on Gnosis Chain with a corresponding subdomain on Ethereum, allowing one to be the extension of the other on a different chain. This is made possible through CCIP L2 (cross-chain interoperability) and off-chain resolution, which points to an off-chain server and then to the smart contracts on Gnosis Chain, relaying the information back to Ethereum.

The launch of Genome aligns with Gnosis’ vision of inclusivity through accessible, open infrastructure. The project has opened registration for a .gno or .gnosis.eth username to the public.

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