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HOT / USD Technical Analysis: Momentum Still Strong


  • HOLO has surged over one-hundred per cent higher in just one-week, short-term bulls aiming for all-time high
  • Minor price divergence seen across the four-hour time frame
  • Two possible scenarios for HOT / USD pair are likely over the medium-term

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HOT / USD Short-term price analysis

In the short-term, HOT / USD remains bullish, despite the huge surge higher last week and trend indicators approaching somewhat overstretched levels.

HOLO continues to post bullish higher highs and is almost certainly attempting to build fresh momentum to target its all-time price high.

SIMETRI Research

A moderate price pullback may occur over the coming sessions due to bearish price divergence building over the four-hour time frame.


Pattern Watch

Overwhelmingly bullish patterns are currently being created across the lower time frames, with relatively limited price pullbacks. Until a near-term swing-low is broken, the overall bullish upmove is likely to prevail with traders buying dips or corrections lower.



HOT / USD H4 CHART                                                                         (Source: TradingView)



Key Moving Averages

Price is currently racing away from all major moving average, the 5 and 9-day moving averages currently provide the best forms of technical support in the short-term.


The MACD indicator is showing minor bearish price divergence, as price moves higher while the MACD histogram remains flat.  A near-term pullback to negate the divergence may occur.


HOT / USD Medium-term price analysis

HOLO’S medium-term prospects appear to be more bullish than most cryptocurrencies in the top-fifty by market capitalization at present. HOT / USD traders who missed the recent rally may be seeking a low-risk entry to enter into the newly formed bullish trend. Two scenarios appear most attractive over the medium-term.

First, a break of the all-time high, without any major technical pullback may encourage traders to buy the breakout which is further supported by a large inverted head and shoulders pattern.

Alternatively, if buyers fail to overcome or hold price above the all-time high, traders could use a corrective move towards the October 2018 trading to try to enter into the established trend from a more attractive entry point.



HOT / USD Daily CHART                                                                         (Source: TradingView)


Pattern Watch

A potential bullish inverse head and shoulders may be forming if price continues to rise from current levels and buyers create bullish higher highs.


The Relative Strength Index is the most overbought it has ever been on record, which may be an indication that the recent move higher may soon correct lower.


The MACD indicator continues to trend higher on the daily time frame with no divergence present. A bullish MACD crossover is also currently underway on the mentioned time frame.

Holo Chart

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