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McAfee 2020: Make America HODL Again

McAfee 2020: Make America HODL Again

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John McAfee has revealed more details of his upcoming Presidential campaign, but even he says the American public would be insane to vote him in to office. Some people said the same about Donald Trump, though, so anything is possible.

McAfee doesn’t even want to be President, according to today’s Tweet. He wants to launch an entire presidential campaign to draw attention to the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

His election campaign should be entirely academic, but today McAfee named Rob Loggia to the post of Chief Operating Officer on Team McAfee, according to LinkedIn.

This is his second crack at ironically running for President with no intention of winning, although he rated his chances much higher than in 2016, when he failed to secure sufficient Libertarian support. Now, in 2020, he’s sure he can succeed at failing to become President as he builds his own party to launch the ill-fated campaign.

McAfee is a bit of a character and has been responsible for a number of batshit crazy stunts over the years. While on the run in Central America, he has been linked with running a meth lab in Belize and has a multi-million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against him somewhere in the works.

More Scandal Today

Today he was linked to a class action lawsuit over a pump and dump scandal that has already drawn the attention of the SEC. McAfee is not the main focus of this lawsuit, so that’s something. McAfee is never far away from the spotlight, though, and it’s often for the wrong reasons.

That makes him a near-perfect modern presidential candidate. He’s running as a Libertarian and he’s certain to provide entertainment, at the very least. McAfee will grab some column inches, and if he can advocate for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies without totally going off the deep end, he might actually help this time around.

Even McAfee’s Clock Is Right Twice A Day

Beneath the overt madness, some lucid thoughts do come from McAfee’s lively social media feeds. He is passionate about limited government and economic freedom, both of which are noble goals. He doesn’t always go about making that happen the right way, but there’s a kernel of a good idea in there.

Then he goes on to say things like he’d legalize most things, apart from the most heinous crimes. That could work, or it could be the recipe for chaos. Knowing McAfee, we’d opt for the latter.

The author is currently not invested in any digital currency.

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