Nick Hall

Nick Hall

Nick Hall

Nick used to drive sports cars from the likes of Bugatti and Koenigsegg for a living back in Europe, writing reviews for Automobile, Motor Trend, and The Sunday Times.
  • Bitcoin enthusiast builds vending machine that works on the Lightning Network

    Crypto Enthusiast Builds Instant Bitcoin Vending Machine

    Blockchain and cryptocurrency advocate Ricardo Reis has unveiled a vending machine that can accept Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network. This is potentially a big deal: if transactions can be reduced to milliseconds then Bitcoin could suddenly go mainstream. This vending machine is as home-brewed and basic as it gets, but if one cryptocurrency advocate


  • 9 Ways The Blockchain Will Change The Legal Profession

    9 Ways The Blockchain Will Change The Legal Profession

    The legal profession is built on tradition, history, and tomes of case law that fill libraries around the world. The profession itself has evolved, and today, contract specialists argue over details and disputes that could all become a thing of the past as the world embraces the blockchain. It’s the firm foundation the legal profession


  • Could XRP Be Olympic Gold in Japan?

    Could XRP Be Olympic Gold in Japan?

    Cryptocurrency could make a surprise showing at the 2020 Olympic Games. At least, that’s what some XRP hodlers are hoping. An online petition to the International Olympic Committee has raised over 13,800 signatures to “make XRP the official cryptocurrency of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.” The petition, launched by Ken Takahashi, claims that the XRP digital currency


  • NEM To Boost Australia’s Booming Blockchain Sector

    NEM To Boost Australia’s Booming Blockchain Sector

    The Foundation, which works on behalf of the XEM cryptocurrency, has launched the first of a series of blockchain incubators in Melbourne, Australia. The NEM Blockchain Hub will play a role in educating the wider world on the blockchain, as well as providing premises and funding for blockchain initiatives. Part community outreach program and part launchpad


  • All Aboard! Israel SEC Gets On The Blockchain Boat

    All Aboard: Israel SEC Gets On The Blockchain Boat

    The Israeli government has followed in the footsteps of Dubai, Estonia and Australia by employing blockchain technology on its internal messaging systems. The Israel Securities Authority, Israel’s SEC, has brought in blockchain technology to create a rerporting and messaging system that is exponentially more secure thanks to decentralized data, the Times of Israel reports. Compliance


  • Can Origin Kick Middlemen Out Of The Gig Economy.

    Can Origin Kick Middlemen Out Of The Gig Economy?

    Origin Protocol has launched its markeplace dApp and beta version on the Ethereum mainnet. It has set it sights on taking the middlemen out of the sharing economy. In essence, Origin Protocol is a platform for developers, who will create their own marketplace for individual industries. It’s a box set of tools, including a blockchain


  • Bitifnex halts all fiat deposits

    Bitfinex Suspends Fiat Deposits

    Bitfinex has paused all fiat currency deposits for the US dollar, Euro, Yen and Pound Sterling, The Block reports. Although deposits are expected to resume within a week, the troubles are likely to fuel rumors of an impending collapse. Ill Omens? The temporary suspension of fiat deposits to the fourth largest cryptocurrency exchange would ordinarily be considered a


  • Joe Crypto Bitcoin Calls The Shots

    Joe Crypto: The Market Calls The Shots

    We can try and make sense of yesterday’s absolutely brutal market correction, where the bottom fell out of crypto and dragged most of the market with it for a few heart-wrenching hours. The New York Stock Exchange had its worst day for eight months, rising interest rates in the US drew the ire of the