Dell CEO posts Cookie Monster eating Bitcoin meme, says 'scarcity creates value'

Dell's playful exchange with Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor sparks speculation and amusement.

cookie monster eating bitcoin, dell imagery in the background

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Michael Dell, CEO at multi-billion dollar tech firm Dell Technologies, just dipped his toes into the Bitcoin waters, and this recent jest did make a splash.

It all started when Dell tweeted “Scarcity creates value.” Enter Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy’s possibly Bitcoin-obsessed executive chairman, who couldn’t resist chiming in with a hashtagged reply saying “Bitcoin is Digital Scarcity.” Dell, apparently intrigued, hit that retweet button faster than you can say “blockchain.”

The real kicker here is this: Dell later shared a meme of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster, probably generated by AI or photoshopped (is that term still used?) to show the blue fuzzball munching on Bitcoin instead of his usual chocolate chip treats. And let’s be real, who among us hasn’t felt like Cookie Monster when eyeing those tempting crypto gains? The crypto community’s meme coin lords and degens possibly exhibit the same tendencies that Cookie Monster has been associated with.

Now, this little X exchange doesn’t mean Dell’s about to go all-in on Bitcoin like Saylor (who’s sitting on a cool 226,331 BTC worth $15 billion). But it’s got folks wondering: is the tech billionaire getting the crypto itch? Maybe, just maybe.

Let’s chew on that Cookie Monster symbolism for a sec. On one hand, it could represent the voracious appetite some have for acquiring Bitcoin – you know, that “must have more” feeling.

But there’s a flip side, too. Cookie Monster has evolved over the years to symbolize the opposite of what the character was known for — to teach kids about moderation and self-control. So perhaps Dell is hinting at a more measured approach to crypto. Or heck, maybe he just thought it was a funny meme. After all, even billionaires aren’t immune to the allure of internet humor.

While Dell Technologies is sitting comfortably with $34.6 billion in current assets (including a not-too-shabby $5.8 billion in cash), there’s no mention of Bitcoin anywhere in their recent filings. So, for now, this looks more like a playful flirtation than a full-on pursuit of Bitcoin and crypto more broadly.

Today it’s a Cookie Monster meme, tomorrow it could be… well, who knows? One thing’s for sure, though – crypto will be watching Dell’s next moves. 👀

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