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Ontology, MicroWorkers Partner to Bring Blockchain to Micro Jobs

MicroWorkers is using Ontology's blockchain to improve its micro-tasking service, especially for tasks aiding artificial intelligence.

Ontology, MicroWorkers Partner to Bring Blockchain to Micro Jobs

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Micro-tasking service MicroWorkers partnered with Ontology to improve payments and identification by using blockchain on its platform for 1.5 million workers.

Ontology, a cryptocurrency that describes itself as a “high-performance public multi-chain project and a distributed trust collaboration platform,” is taking blockchain to micro jobs.

MicroWorkers⁠—a competitor to Amazon Mechanical Turk⁠—is integrating ONT to provide fast and low-fee payments for some of its users. Moreover, the service will use Ontology’s on-chain identification system, giving workers control over their account history and reputation data.

“Ontology’s demonstrated performance and reputation tools are a perfect fit for task and freelancing marketplaces which are open global platforms where participants need to get paid and to prove and re-use their reputation data,” said Ontology Business Development Lead Gloria Wu.

Ontology launched in 2017 with support from the same company behind NEO⁠—Onchain.

MicroWorkers is often used for improving AI-driven algorithms, like those developed by Google, Microsoft, Tencent, and ByteDance. These freelancers complete small tasks like grouping images or using an app to train these algorithms. “Global demand for AI-training and human-in-the loop task work is booming in 2020,” said MicroWorkers CEO Nhatvi Nguyen.

By leveraging Ontology, MicroWorkers can better satisfy the demands arising from AI.  “We see blockchain and the Ontology identity platform as a way to deliver potentially much improved services⁠—to freelancers and to enterprises,” added Nguyen.

MicroWorkers is only one of many companies exploring blockchain technology in its offering. Juggernauts ranging from Visa to Nike are exploring whether blockchain can improve their businesses.

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