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Game studio Overworld raises $10M to create new RPG realm

Overworld gives players the option to own assets, enhancing the gaming experience without compromising the game mechanics.

Game studio Overworld raises $10M to create new RPG realm

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Overworld, the multiplayer RPG game studio, has successfully closed a seed funding round of $10 million. The investment was led by Hashed, with contributions from The Spartan Group, Sanctor Capital, and Galaxy Interactive.

Overworld is a third-person 3D action role-playing game developed using Unreal Engine 5. It promises to unite players in a high fantasy universe infused with anime aesthetics and a compelling narrative that balances epic adventures with relatable day-to-day interactions.

Overworld aims to offer a gaming experience that rivals top-tier RPGs in terms of game design and visual quality. It incorporates player ownership seamlessly and optionally, enhancing the gaming experience without making it the cornerstone of the game’s design.

The studio is currently working on an Alpha build compatible with current-gen consoles, PCs, and mobile devices.

Jeremy Horn, co-founder of blockchain game publisher Xterio, oversees the development of Overworld. Horn brings a wealth of experience from his extensive career in the gaming, technology, and entertainment sectors.

Horn commented on the studio’s vision, stating, “The massive scale of Overworld represents the scale of our ambitions as a game studio. In just one year, we’ve seen our player community embrace our first collection of digital collectibles, and we are excited to build out even more of this novel world.”

The recent NFT collection from Overworld, “Overworld Incarna,” has achieved significant success in 2023, ranking in the top ten traded collections for over five weeks and maintaining its position as one of the most traded game-themed collections.

The development team includes industry veterans from Epic, EA, Sony, Bioware, Jam City, and Ubisoft.

Disclosure: Some investors in Crypto Briefing are also investors in Sanctor Capital.

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