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Santander Inadvertently Claims To Use XRP: Hilarity Ensues


An erroneous tweet from Santander UK caused a brief stir of excitement in the loins of XRP fans when news filtered out that the cryptocurrency token was being used for international payments.

Twitter user Wes G may have been trolling the financial institution when he asked “how is Santander getting on with using XRP for payments?” but the official, verified Twitter feed from Santander offered a rare glimpse of XRP being used for anything other than a speculative investment.


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Unfortunately for XRP hodlers, and the Daily HODL (which produced a story with impressive x-rapidity, as it were) this exciting state of current affairs was quickly snuffed out by a clarification from the Santander team.



Although Santander did not issue a statement that said “Over our dead bodies…” the fact is that the xRapid product is still in the extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely early stages of deployment – and no major bank has publicly committed to the product. A recent Forbes article was clear that a partnership with Euro Exim Bank was small potatoes.

Ripple Labs’ products include xRapid, which uses the XRP token, and xCurrent, which does not.

The value of $XRP was down 0.84% over the last 24 hours, according to CryptoCompare.


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