Security Tokens

Security tokens and Security Token Offerings (STOs) embrace the regulation, instead of avoiding it. Though there are different kinds of securities, they all imply some level of accountability before the investors and a clearly-defined legal status.


Gone are the days of the token that exists only to raise money in an ICO: security token holders will be true shareholders. At Crypto Briefing we strongly believe that this movement will benefit the ecosystem in the long run, and we will report on future news and developments about security tokens.

Polymath Brings Automated Securities One Step Closer

Polymath Brings Automated Securities One Step Closer

If you’ve ever invested in an ICO, you know that one part of the investing process is still stuck in the twentieth century. After...
Blockchain based compliance is the one more step toward mass adoption

‘Blockchain-Based Compliance Is The Future’

A leading blockchain-focused law firm believes that compliance will soon be baked in to the very blockchain systems that the companies are based on. Zach...
CFTC Commodity Futures Trading Commission jurisdictional scope over cryptocurrencies and other digital assets

CFTC And Its Jurisdiction Over Cryptocurrencies

It was in 2015 that the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) first put its foot down on the unregistered bitcoin options trading platform...
stellar bonds

Bonds, Stellar Bonds: German Regulators Approve Bitbond STO

Security tokens have reached another milestone, this time in Germany. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, or BaFin, has approved a prospectus by Bitbond to...
2019 could be year of the STO, says DSTOQ CEO

2019: The Year Of The STO?

In 2017, we witnessed massive growth in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), and this spilled into 2018 with over $13.7 billion USD raised by ICOs...
Blockchain Real Estate Gets Polymath Security Token as BlockEstate teams up to create tokenized securities based on property

Blockchain Real Estate Gets Polymath Security Token

Home is where the heart is….and in some cases, that’s a security token on a blockchain. Polymath has teamed up with an investment fund...
The Demise Of The ICO And The Rise Of The Digital Security

The Demise Of The ICO And The Rise Of The Digital Security

As the ICO fades, crowdfunding will come back stronger When the Ethereum blockchain came online in March of 2016 (the first stable version) it ushered...
State Of Play A Comprehensive Analysis of Where the SEC Stands on Cryptocurrency and the Bitcoin ETF applications

State Of Play: The SEC’s Current Positions On Cryptocurrency

In the wake of SEC’s announcement that it would push back its decision on the proposed Bitcoin ETF to September this year, the need...
ICO Projects Begin To Seek SEC Compliance as regulatory oversight looms

ICOs Already Retooling To Achieve SEC Compliance

The government is taking aim at ICOs, and the crypto-world has heard the warnings loud and clear. In a new trend this year, several...
FINRA-Licensed Broker-Dealer Welcomes Smartlands To America

FINRA-Licensed Broker-Dealer Welcomes Smartlands To America

It ain’t easy moving to America these days, but Smartlands is bucking border-tightening trends with its latest announcement. The UK-based project, launched in 2017...
Security Token Offerings Reality Check and STO Expectation Management for 2019

Security Token Offerings: A Reality Check To Manage Expectations

Exactly how much ICOs raised in 2018 is unclear, with estimates up to $22 billion – almost double what they did the previous year....

Venture Capitalist Predicts Security Token Tsunami

The hype surrounding security tokens has been steadily building, with investors looking forward to regulated tokenized assets offering some form of return. One partner...
Digital Securities Regulation An Overview Of Startup Exemptions

Digital Securities Regulation: An Overview Of Compliant Exemptions

As we discussed in the previous article, there are many parties that stand to benefit from a booming digital securities market. One important group...
Malta Binance Agree To Establish A Security Token Exchange

Malta Binance Agree To Establish A Security Token Exchange

Crypto exchange Binance and the Maltese Stock Exchange (MSE) will be working together to set up a security token exchange. The MSE announced earlier on Tuesday...
Moving From The ICO To The DSO Digital Security Offering Differences

Moving From The ICO To The DSO: Digital Security Differences

Love them or hate them, ICOs really stirred the pot. Did they stimulate global interest in blockchain technology? Absolutely. Did they represent an unsustainable...
Security tokens at the fore again as Securitize partners with Issuance

Security Tokens Score Yet Another Marketplace

If there was any question that utility coin offerings are headed for the exits, the addition of new securities exchanges should put those doubts...
Who Stands To Benefit From The Digital Securities Market

Who Stands To Benefit From The Digital Securities Market?

The emerging digital securities ecosystem has the potential to create economic opportunities for years to come. I’ve already discussed one of the key benefits...

SharesPost announces SEC-approved ICOs

The Securities and Exchange Commission will allow a private exchange to trade in cryptocurrency tokens and investment. SharesPost, a FINRA-registered broker-dealer based in San...
Republic Allows US Investors To Participate In ICOs Legally

U.S. Investors Can In Fact Legally Participate In ICOs

American investors have not enjoyed the regulatory dance of the SEC and other agencies since the latter part of 2017. Will they? Won't they?...
Robinhood and Swarm launch tokenized asset sale

Swarm Launches Tokenized Asset Sale

Robinhood is known for making investing easy, but now it is also becoming a crypto-asset. Investors can now bet on the company, through one...

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