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STP Launches AWNS Web3 Identity Solution Using NFT-Owned Wallet

ERC-6551 gives NFTs the ability to own other digital assets.

STP Launches AWNS Web3 Identity Solution Using NFT-Owned Wallet

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STP has announced the official launch of its Autonomous Worlds Naming Service (AWNS), an innovative Web3 identity solution built on the ERC-6551 token standard. Over 20 partners have already been onboarded during AWNS’ waitlist period, including gaming studios like Adventure Gold and infrastructure providers like Biconomy.

AWNS aims to serve as a foundational identity component for Web3 and blockchain-based gaming. It features AWNS domains ending in .aw that integrate users into these decentralized environments. Rather than just associating usernames with wallets like ENS, AWNS takes identities a step further by binding them to tokenbound accounts (TBAs).

These TBAs are NFTs powered by ERC-6551 that enable NFTs to have their own wallets and hold other digital assets. The accounts can store assets like crypto, NFTs, and other TBAs. This allows each identity to have its unique on-chain history and provenance.

The flexibility of ERC-6551 and these tokenbound accounts opens up new potential applications and use cases. For example, in gaming, characters can maintain records of achievements and assets across different platforms. AWNS also allows for multiple persona identities under one user.

For decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), AWNS streamlines participation and token airdrops. DAOs can set AWNS activity conditions for granting access rights. Tokens can also be dropped directly to AWNS account NFTs rather than relying on complex distribution methods.

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