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Sushi launches Sushi Bonds offering token discounts and long-term liquidity

Sushi Bonds offer projects higher return potential compared to regular liquidity mining.

Sushi launches Sushi Bonds offering token discounts and long-term liquidity

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Sushi, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) across 30+ blockchains, has introduced a new liquidity solution called Sushi Bonds. The offering transforms discounted token sales into Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL), providing a more sustainable alternative to conventional liquidity mining programs.

With POL, Sushi will acquire liquidity provider (LP) tokens from market participants, instead of renting temporary liquidity from external liquidity providers (LPs). The collected tokens create automated trading pools that facilitate exchange activity on Sushi while earning fees that benefit the protocol.

Sushi Bonds allow token holders to purchase assets at below-market rates. Token projects can then convert the bond sales into POL by seeding trading pools on Sushi. This incentivizes users with token discounts, gives projects control over long-term liquidity and fees, increases Sushi’s Total Value Locked (TVL), and promotes stability in the wider DeFi ecosystem.

The Sushi Bonds initiative stemmed from a collaboration between Sushi, Bond Protocol, Steer Protocol, and Serious People. It aims to shift liquidity strategies towards a more resilient model optimized for efficiency.

The initial rollout includes bonds for five multi-chain projects – Savvy DeFi, ICHI, Rodeo Finance, Splinterlands, and Neptune Mutual. Vesting periods are as short as seven days. The discounted tokens serve to attract committed long-term holders to these projects.

The program operates on a first-come, first-served basis with limited token allotments. Interested participants are encouraged to act quickly to secure access to discounted tokens and contribute to the continued growth of the DeFi ecosystem.

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