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Aragon CEO: DAOs Are Back, And Libra Is “Bullshit”

Luis Cuende is not impressed with Libra, or other corporate efforts to enter the world of cryptocurrency. “[T]his is bullshit,” he says. “I didn’t get into crypto because I wanted...

ConsenSys Aims For Decentralization, But Does It Have A Clear Map?

It’s hard to pin down what exactly Jeremy Millar, ConsenSys’ Chief of Staff, does all day. Speaking to Crypto Briefing atop a shipping crate in Brooklyn, he rebuffs suggestions like...

Tachyon Burst: Genomes Wants To Put You On The Blockchain. Yes, You.

You’re special. No, really; you’re very special. In fact, as you’re probably well aware, you’re one-of-a-kind, an infinitely unlikely collection of little bits of matter that have coalesced over billions...

Bitcoin Can Sat-isfy The World: Monetary Transformation On A Global Scale

What would it take for economies to be transformed? From measuring the worth of assets in fiat currencies — pounds, euros, dollars, and so forth — to a digital currency...

How Blockchain Can Set Fintech Back Three Thousand Years… And Still Improve Payments

As finance has evolved, the ecosystem around it has become far more complicated. The addition of card payments, along with their accompanying networks and infrastructure, has introduced many new processes...

Blockchain Trends To Watch For In South Korea In 2019

As Changpeng Zhao of Binance said: 2018 was the year of “correction”. It has also, in some ways, been the year for experimentation and discovering creative ways to grow the...

From Fluff to Function: How The Reverse ICO Can Tokenize Real Assets

Rewind to mid-2018, and how we witnessed the end of ICO mania, during which blockchain startups were raising millions of dollars with a white paper and a website.  While this...

2018 Bust. 2019 Boom. 2020 Hindsight For Crypto Deniers.

With 2018 in the rear-view mirror (finally), the crypto industry is embracing what’s to come in 2019. The blockchain community has a way of looking at the glass half full,...