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Everdragons Find Third Home On Tron

Tron is proving an attractive home for decentralized applications. The Everdragons platform, best known for the crypto collectibles of the same name, brought two of its dApps on the TRX network this week. The games, Goldmine and Territory,…

Developers Ring In The NEO Year

NEO developers are happy to put what they described as a "tumultuous" year behind them. Despite the markets, developer activity has been robust. The number of decentralized applications (dApps) on the NEO blockchain surged by 3,000 % in…

MobileGo Aims To Score With Esports

Gaming is one industry that's still inspiring the blockchain community, regardless of market condition. Joseph Lubin recently touted gaming as one of the reasons he believes in blockchain technology, pointing to "gamers that play around…

eSports And Casual Games Race To The Blockchain

We’re by no means oracles at Crypto Briefing, but the future usage of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the video game industry looks as inevitable as the marriage of internet and gaming. It wasn’t that long ago that most video games were…

ERC-1155 Ethereum Token For Gaming Unveiled

A new type of Ethereum token with properties specifically designed for video games has been unveiled today. It reportedly addresses major development issues with games designed to run on the blockchain. Known as an ERC-1155, it has a…

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