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Cryptocurrency payments news with updates on consumer adoption and payment systems from crypto startups.

Electroneum Wants To Be The Next PayPal

The instant mobile payment platform Electroneum (ETN) is ambitious: it wants the world and it wants it now. So it seems with its latest announcement that it hopes will improve ETN adoption, to turn it into one of the world's largest payment…

Litecoin To Slash Fees 90 Percent

The silver to Bitcoin's gold is about to get even cheaper to send. The leading development group for Litecoin, the seventh most valuable cryptocurrency, has announced that its next release will “lower network fees by a factor of ten,”…

What Is Pundi X? Introduction To NSPX

What is Pundi X NPXS? Pundi X is the project that wants to make spending crypto as easy as a credit card. Creators of the NPXS token hope that it will one day be used on their Ethereum-based Point-of-Sale devices. This approach could give…

Unikeys Launches Biometric Crypto Card

Unikeys has unveiled a biometric cryptocurrency card that you can verify each transaction with your biometric data. It's a huge step in the battle against fraud and could be rolled out across the industry before too long. The company is…

TenX Card: Is It Too Little, Too Late?

Dr. Julian Hosp et al. gave the cryptocurrency community a sneak preview of the new TenX card, earlier this week. TenX (PAY) announced on Twitter that the final card design had been approved, with physical cards now ready to be shipped.…

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