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Ilya Abugov

Ilya Abugov
Greater Boston Area

Ilya Abugov

Greater Boston Area
Ilya is a Partner at Sanctor Capital, and also a former Head of Research of Crypto Briefing. He has a passion for gaming and analytics.
  • GDC 2024 web3

    Web3 fills the void at GDC 2024 as traditional gaming reels from layoffs

    GDC 2024 showcased web3 gaming as traditional studios pulled back. Avalanche and Arbitrum took center stage, but ImmutableX was absent.


  • Are CDPs the New CDOs?

    Are CDPs the New CDOs?

    By offering asset management, borrowing, lending, and remittance services DeFi is shaking up the traditional financial services industry.


  • Consensys Report blockchain tokenization

    New Volume Statistics From DappRadar Show DeFi Was Underreported

    DeFi was previously thought to be comparable to other dApp segments. Counting token volumes as well, decentralized finance is a clear leader.


  • Shakepay lets users turn spare change into crypto

    Falling Bitcoin Dominance May Lead Spectacular Altcoin Returns

    Drops in Bitcoin dominance coinciding with drops in its price may act as a strong indicator for short-term altcoin gains. Promising results.


  • China Includes introductions to Blockchain Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Communist Party reading materials

    Did Xi Jinping Impact the Price of Bitcoin?

    Following Xi Jingping's comments on blockchain a narrative it will drive BTC price growth emerged. Search trends provide additional insight.


  • Five dominant legacy companies that need blockchain right now

    Five Dominant Legacy Companies That Need Blockchain Right Now

    Blockchain is not exclusively for start-ups and ICOs: here are five dominant legacy companies that blockchain tech could make or break.


  • Blockchain Games May Decentralization Be Always In Your Favor

    Blockchain Games: May Decentralization Be Ever In Your Favor

    Blockchain games make sense - the market's there, gamers are used to digital assets, and disruptors can work with studios - not against them.


  • Belarus, Ukraine And Russia Time To Revisit Their Tech

    Belarus, Ukraine And Russia: Time To Revisit Their Tech?

    Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia (BUR) are overlooked by many tech investors. But are we missing a golden triangle of opportunity?