Liam Kelly

Berlin, Germany

Liam Kelly

Berlin, Germany
Liam is passionate about emerging technologies, digital weirdness, and the decentralized web. Based out of Berlin, Germany, he enjoys playing soccer or visiting his local Kneipe.
  • Yearn Finance Taps into Crypto’s Unit Bias With Woofy Token


    Woofys can be created by “woofing” YFI tokens into WOOFY at a rate of 1:1,000,000. Since the release of the alternative token, the price of YFI saw a swift rise...

  • Gaming Giant Kinguin Taps Immutable X for NFT Offering


    A leading games marketplace, Kinguin is now entering the booming NFT sector.  Kinguin Announces NFT Gaming Cards Immutable X recently launched to ease the high costs and slow transactions inherent...

  • DeFi Project Spotlight: Trading On-Chain Ethereum Derivatives With Oiler Network


    By offering on-chain derivatives, Oiler Network allows companies to hedge the risks of adverse network events. For most users, fluctuating gas prices or a blockchain’s hashrate is not of the...

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Identity


    Many leading companies within and throughout the blockchain space are ramping up their efforts to decentralize user identities. Though promising, users are now faced with many different decentralized identity solutions...

  • Coinbase Acquires Analytics Firm Skew, Doubles Down on Institutions


    With this acquisition of Skew, Coinbase can continue tapping into the growing number of institutional investors entering the market.  Coinbase Adds Skew to Portfolio Skew has already built out many...

  • wNews: Biden’s Tax Plan Shines Spotlight on Bitcoin Borrowing Services


    This week’s wNews unpacks the implications of Biden’s aggressive tax proposal.  Like any politician worth their polyester suit, they’re master negotiators. And rarely do negotiators get everything on their first...

  • Curve Finance Joins Layer 2 Ecosystem, Token Rewards Announced


    A leading DeFi protocol, Curve Finance has joined Aave and SushiSwap in leveraging Polygon’s scalability solution.  Earn MATIC, Save Gas on Curve As more users pile into Polygon’s growth, participants...

  • wNews: How a Dogecoin Pump Upstaged the Coinbase Listing


    This week’s wNews digs into why various left-of-the-curve cryptocurrencies enjoyed some serious bullish attention. So hard did 2017’s favorite altcoins pump that the market quickly forgot about the industry’s first-ever...