Nivesh Rustgi

Bangalore, India

Nivesh Rustgi

Bangalore, India
Nivesh has a background in Engineering and Acturial Science. He learned about cryptocurrency in 2016 and has been captivated by the technology since then.
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    American Bitcoin mining giant and publicly-listed company Marathon Patent Group, Inc. (MARA) has revealed a $150 million BTC purchase at an average price of $31,167.8.  Marathon Goes All-In on Bitcoin...

  • Grayscale Donates $1 Million to Coin Center, Pledges Another $1 Million Community Match


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    Bitcoin is facing another significant correction, threatening a breakdown of $30,000.  However, market data shows that today’s’ BTC dip could mark the local bottom before bull action commences again.  Bitcoin...

  • Crime-Related Crypto Spending Fell in 2020, Despite Janet Yellen’s Concerns


    During her Senate confirmation yesterday, incoming U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen raised concerns around the use of cryptocurrencies in criminal financing and money laundering. The reality, however, is...

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    Analysis has revisited the cryptocurrency highlights of 2020 in its yearly market review. The report also makes several predictions regarding cryptocurrency trends in 2021.  Bitcoin Is Still Growing According to...

  • How to Set Up a Bitcoin Node: A Beginner’s Guide

    Crypto 101

    Bitcoin’s peer-to-peer strength lies in its vast network of nodes. The famous saying in crypto, “not your private keys, not your coins,” extends to crypto nodes as, “Not your node,...