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Suit And TIE: Crypto Headline Data For Quants And Hedge Funds

Users will have exclusive access to seven data APIs.

Suit And TIE Crypto Headline Data Heads To Quant Funds

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Leading crypto analytics firm The TIE has launched a new suite of data feeds designed to provide professional and institutional traders with the tools to trade on some of cryptocurrency’s key fundamentals.

Called The TIE Data Services, users will have access to seven new APIs. This includes a much-expanded feed that will analyse and quantify the sentiment from more than 850M tweets every day.

Users will also have access to a new events aggregator, CryptoSigDev, which uses an AI-powered text analyzer to process and index masses of information and industry developments, including hard forks or token burns, from a host of different news sources all around the world and in multiple languages.

According to Joshua Frank, co-founder and CEO of The TIE, the new Data Services wing will provide institutions with two of the key fundamentals on the asset class: ​“Since inception, our goal has always been to address the problems inherent to cryptocurrency data, an asset class lacking fundamentals.”

The TIE has identified five fundamental data sets for cryptocurrencies: market data, network data, sentiment, corporate actions and significant developments as well as foundation health-tracking, another term for monitoring the strength of the ecosystem.

The new feeds provided by The TIE Data Services will provide data on both sentiment and corporate actions and significant developments. The new tools “are foundational to the development and maturation of the digital asset market,” added Frank.

The new Data Services wing will remain a subsidiary of The TIE, which Frank said will continue to provide free-to-use sentiment analysis for the broader space.

Although today is its public launch as well as the debut for CryptoSigDev, Frank explained that they had already received significant interest from professional traders, signing contracts with funds and firms which have billions of dollars of assets under management collectively.

He declined to divulge names but added that the sentiment feeds had been well-received by quantitative hedge funds and other algorithmic traders. Clients they had already signed with included some of “the largest hedge funds currently operating in crypto as well as traditional funds that are moving into the space”.

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