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Twitter Chooses Ex-Zcash Dev to Head Bluesky Project

The social media company's decentralization efforts will be headed by Jay Graber.

Twitter Chooses Ex-Zcash Dev to Head Bluesky Project
Shutterstock photo by XanderSt

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Former Zcash developer Jay Graber has announced that she will be heading Bluesky, Twitter’s social media decentralization project.

Jay Graber Will Lead Bluesky

Graber announced on Twitter today that she will lead the project.

Graber said that she has been working with individuals from the decentralized social media ecosystem “over the past year.”
She also authored Bluesky’s recent ecosystem review, which was published in January and covered several blockchain standards.

Graber contributed to Zcash, a prominent privacy coin, until 2018. She is also involved with InterRep, a social media reputation service funded by the Ethereum Foundation.

She is additionally the founder of Happening Inc, a social media platform designed for event planning and scheduling.

Still No Clear Goals

To date, Twitter has said little about its goals with Bluesky since it first announced the project in late 2019.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey mentioned blockchain in his original Bluesky announcement, but the project has not confirmed that it will actually work with blockchain technology as opposed to broader social media decentralization standards like ActivityPub.

Graber’s experience with cryptocurrency is a possible sign that Bluesky will indeed work with blockchain. Nevertheless, her involvement reveals little about Bluesky’s plans for an actual product.

Graber says that Bluesky is still developing gradually, stating that it “won’t happen overnight, but we’ll share our progress along the way.”

Disclaimer: At the time of writing this author held less than $75 of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins.

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