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Video Game Trailblazer Atari Launches Ethereum Token

The video game developer just made a big bet on crypto with the launch of its own token. It’s already available via a public sale, with plans for use in online games and more. 

Video Game Trailblazer Atari Launches Ethereum Token
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Key Takeaways

  • Atari has launched an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency called Atari Token. 
  • Atari Token is available for purchase now, soon to be added to online games, and a new betting platform. 
  • Move from the gaming pioneers could signal a wider shift towards cryptocurrencies within the video game industry. 

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Atari is moving onto the blockchain. 

The video game developer has launched its own cryptocurrency called Atari Token, described on its dedicated crypto website as a “token that will power the future of the interactive entertainment industry.” 

Atari on the Blockchain

It’s the latest in a series of big moves from the company, which also launches a revamped version of its legendary VCS console at the end of this month.

Atari’s cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 token, meaning that it runs on Ethereum. The gaming company has confirmed its plans to use Atari Token in games and services and a new casino and betting platform. 

Cryptocurrencies could potentially transform the gaming and gambling industries, enabling micropayments and other use cases that aren’t practical with traditional centralized currencies. 

The token launched with three presales, raising over $1.5 million between them. A public sale then went live via on Oct. 29, with tokens priced at $0.25. 

Video Game Pioneer Boosts Crypto

Atari is one of the world’s most celebrated game developers, widely recognized as the first pioneer for video game culture. 

Its development of arcade games and early consoles through the 1970s and 1980s laid the foundations for a wave of Japanese companies like Nintendo to enter the industry, changing the video gaming landscape forever. 

While it’s early days for Atari Token, the move could prove to be another visionary step that leads to other games embracing the power of blockchain technology over the years to come. 

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