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Home News Video: Is IOTA Fast Enough To Catch Up?


Video: Is IOTA Fast Enough To Catch Up?


In today’s Video Briefing, Kiana takes another look at a crypto project that doesn’t use a blockchain at all: IOTA. Although IOTA made a big splash in 2017, it’s currently struggling to recover as prices and confidence in the DAG-based ledger are both at an ebb.

IOTA boasts a lot of theoretical advantages, but how many of these can translate to real-world use? To find out, Kiana takes a look at the IOTA DARE report, an investment-grade analysis of the technology and team behind the number fourteen crypto-token. There’s good news and bad news as Kiana shares some of our analysts’ findings. The full report, and update, are available for free from Crypto Briefing.  

Next, Kiana takes a look at IOTA’s prices, which aren’t doing much better. Technical indicators suggest that this compass is pointed straight down, and IOTA could soon end up retesting December’s lows.

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Andrew Ancheta
Andrew Ancheta
Andrew is the Deputy Editor at Crypto Briefing. After many adventures in China, Vietnam, Persia, Cuba and Europe, he spent several years in Beijing, where he produced articles for the state media. Besides cryptocurrency, Andrew's also interested in travel writing and photography. His articles have appeared in VICE, Time Out, City Weekend, Badges, Scoot, Art Republik, CoinStaker and several other magazines and websites around the world. He now divides his time between Beijing and New York.


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