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Video: Is IOTA Fast Enough To Catch Up?

Kiana takes another look at IOTA and the Tangle

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In today’s Video Briefing, Kiana takes another look at a crypto project that doesn’t use a blockchain at all: IOTA. Although IOTA made a big splash in 2017, it’s currently struggling to recover as prices and confidence in the DAG-based ledger are both at an ebb.

IOTA boasts a lot of theoretical advantages, but how many of these can translate to real-world use? To find out, Kiana takes a look at the IOTA DARE report, an investment-grade analysis of the technology and team behind the number fourteen crypto-token. There’s good news and bad news as Kiana shares some of our analysts’ findings. The full report, and update, are available for free from Crypto Briefing.  

Next, Kiana takes a look at IOTA’s prices, which aren’t doing much better. Technical indicators suggest that this compass is pointed straight down, and IOTA could soon end up retesting December’s lows.

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