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Wanchain CryptoCurve Deal Highlights UX Importance

The user experience (UX) for Wanchain is set to change, as the company forms a partnership with a developer which specializes in creating seamless and easy-to-use interfaces for blockchain applications.

Announced on Tuesday, Wanchain’s agreement with the front-end tech designer CryptoCurve will see new features introduced, including a new wallet, that will make the platform more accessible.

“We set out to build a better way for consumers and developers to interact with a new and better generation of blockchain technology”, said CryptoCurve’s CEO, Josh Halferty. “As the ‘Front-End of Wanchain’, we’re further enabling a cultural shift where anyone can interact with all digital assets seamlessly, ultimately lowering barriers to entry within blockchain.”

Founded in Q3 2017, CryptoCurve is developing an “all-in-one” wallet app that enables users to access decentralized exchanges and track their portfolios, as well as invest in ICOs.

Running off the Wanchain platform, the public sale for the project’s native token, CURV, is expected to take place sometime between July and September of this year. One of the first projects to be included in the WanLab incubator program, CryptoCurve also includes a ‘nuke’ feature, enabling the immediate liquidation of a portfolio into BTC, ETH or selected stablecoins.

Wanchain CryptoCurve UX

By providing solutions that make blockchain activity a whole lot easier, CryptoCurve intends to improve interoperability and compatibility between different technologies and systems, as well as increasing mainstream adoption.

Many blockchain and cryptocurrency applications currently have basic user interfaces (UI) that require prior knowledge and experience. Although overlooked by some aspiring companies, poor UX can act as a strong discouragement not just for people new to cryptocurrency, but even for those already active within the sector.

Companies with better UX are, generally, more popular than those with high barriers to entry. Coinbase, for example, which only features four (soon to be five) coins on its servers, enjoys a primary market position at least partially because of its simple and easy interface.

By becoming more accessible, Wanchain can gain a critical advantage over its competitors such as ICON (ICX). If it succeeds, Wanchain could become the Coinbase of cross- and intra-chain transactions.

CryptoCurve Nuke Option

Disclaimer: The author is not invested in any cryptocurrency or token mentioned in this article, but holds investments in other digital assets.