Zilliqa Unveils Bug Resistant Smart Contracts

Scilla is expected to reduce the likelihood of smart contract bugs.

Zilliqa announces bug-resistant smart contracts

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Sharding project Zilliqa (ZIL) today announced the release of its new smart contract functionality. Developers will be able to write distributed applications in a secure, bug-resistant programming language, known as Scilla.

According to Zilliqa President Amrit Kumar, today’s milestone is proof of Zilliqa’s ability to meet deadlines as well as a sign of an expanding, more sophisticated blockchain offering.

“[T]oday signifies a pivotal step forward in realising innovations on existing blockchain infrastructures in the industry today,” Kumar wrote. As of today, “developers will now be able to write and deploy smart contracts on the Zilliqa platform.”

Zilliqa is a Singapore-based blockchain platform, which was designed to use sharding in order to scale more effectively. When the ZIL mainnet launched in January, CEO and co-founder Xinshu Dong described it as the first ever successful implementation of sharding and a validation in the underlying technology.

The Scilla language, which was unveiled in May 2018, is designed to let developers test contracts and scan them for any bugs or issues before they go live. It also separates different operational components, like communication and computation, thereby closing some of the sort of loopholes hackers used during the DAO and Parity hacks.

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