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zkLink to host L3 Summit at TOKEN2049 Dubai

This summit marks the third edition of its kind, following two successful events at Devconnect Istanbul and ETH Denver.

Golden Ethereum logo for zkLink L3 Summit.

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zkLink, an aggregated Layer 3 blockchain solution, announced it will be hosting the third edition of its L3 Summit at the upcoming TOKEN2049 conference in Dubai on April 16th. The event aims to advance Layer 3 blockchain technology and showcase zkLink’s recently launched zkLink Nova network.

Layer 3 protocols are an emerging blockchain infrastructure built on top of existing Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solutions. By aggregating fragmented assets and liquidity from siloed Layer 2s, Layer 3s aim to provide developers and users a more seamless experience for deploying EVM-compatible smart contracts while avoiding the complexity of cross-chain bridges.

The Dubai event follows two prior successful L3 Summits – in Istanbul last November and Denver in March – which together attracted over 1,000 attendees. This third edition will feature panel discussions on topics including zero-knowledge proofs, DeFi, developer experience building on zkEVMs, and the future scaling path of Ethereum.

Several prominent Layer 2 scaling solutions will be participating, including Polygon zkEVM, Scroll, Linea, and zkSync. Infrastructure providers like Celestia and EigenLayer will also be present. Top speakers from these projects are slated to debate the nature of Layer 3s and their potential impact.

The event’s primary sponsor is cryptocurrency exchange OKX. Several leading blockchain media outlets are also confirmed as partners, including CoinTelegraph, CoinPost and TechFlow, who will cover the proceedings for their global audiences.

zkLink’s own zkLink Nova network, touted as Ethereum’s first Layer 3 zkEVM rollup, is expected to be a major topic of discussion. Launched recently, Nova aims to improve Ethereum’s developer and user experience by aggregating fragmented assets into a single EVM-compatible environment with abundant liquidity.

Registration for the L3 Summit is now open on the event’s official Luma page.

In addition to hosting the L3 Summit, zkLink recently announced the launch of zkLink Nova, the first EVM-compatible Aggregated Layer 3 solution. zkLink Nova offers users yield opportunities for ETH, stablecoins, Layer 2 native tokens, LSTs, and LRTs. The project raised $23.5 million from Coinbase Ventures, Arrington Capital, and BigBrain Ventures.

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