Even In A Bear Market Aeternity Will Pay You To Study Blockchain

Even In A Bear Market Aeternity Will Pay You To Study Blockchain

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It’s not easy to learn about the blockchain, and you can’t get all your information from quiz shows. Even in a bear market the demand for professionals is growing, and it’s now possible to study blockchain technology… while getting paid for it.

aeternity (AE) has teamed up with dacade, a peer-to-peer learning platform, to launch an introductory blockchain course. Unlike other online classes, students will be paid—in crypto.

In a joint press release from aeternity and dacade, the partners announced that the series of blockchain courses is expected to “educate future users, entrepreneurs, and developers on the fundamentals of blockchain technology and reward students with æternity tokens” for developing practical use cases.

The first course, titled “Introduction to Blockchain,” is only a non-technical primer on crypto technology, but the partners hope to expand the curriculum to include developers and coding professionals.

Coursework will include tutorials, followed by practical challenges, aeternity said in a statement, and students will receive code reviews based on their submissions.

“The challenge for this learning community is to come up with a problem, where blockchain technology could be meaningfully applied,” said Nikola Stojanow, aeternity’s chief of Strategy and Business Development, in an email.  “If the student submits a satisfactory response, they earn 10$ in æternity tokens. Additionally they can earn 2$ in aeternity tokens for every meaningful feedback that they provide on the submissions of their peers.”

A more advanced course, titled “æternity Development 101” teaches students to build decentralized applications based on tutorials and course material. “Our content will generally focus on developers since they are currently the scarcest resource in the blockchain ecosystem,” Stojanow said.

aeternity hopes that the course will help make cryptocurrency and blockchain technology more accessible. As a gamified platform for online learning, the partnership with dacade is hoped to bring development skills to the wider public.

“Through our cooperation, we aim to address the challenge of providing accessible, practical blockchain education in a scalable way,” said dacade founder Moritz Stellmacher. “We believe that a decentralized approach to blockchain education will make it not only more scalable and accessible but also flexible enough to accommodate new information, as it becomes available. I am excited to see what new blockchain use cases the students will come up with.”

The courses are aeternity’s latest push to gain presence in a marketplace full of struggling blockchain protocols. Although capable of stronger oracles and higher dApp throughput than Ethereum, the aeternity blockchain is some way behind when it comes to name recognition and network effects.

That may be due for a change, if the blockchain can demonstrate its capabilities to a new crop of developers.

The author is not invested in aeternity but owns other digital assets. 

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