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Altcoin Trading Volume Surprise And Maker Token Analysis: Video


Today Kiana Danial is taking a look at one of the fundamentals of a healthy market. Altcoins have taken an absolute battering, as we all know – but what if the current prices reflect an oversold market?

It’s true that fundamentals don’t always correlate directly to short-term prices, but the long-term hodler will be relieved to see that at least one sign points to higher valuations than are strictly determined by the buyers today.

In addition, Kiana takes a look back at the token we were interested in on Monday. We had a good feeling about the Maker project and felt that it had the potential to turn around – Tuesday’s price action proved us right, but what were does the technical analysis of Maker token tell us about the project’s long-term health? Kiana reports back with some interesting news.

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