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Kiana Danial


Kiana Danial

Kiana is an experienced crypto and forex trader who wrote 'Cryptocurrency Investing For Dummies'. She is also the CEO of Invest Diva, and "Invest Diva's Guide to Making Money in Forex" was picked by McGraw-Hill and became an immediate international success.
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    Spring is in the air, but investors aren’t ready to picnic just yet. While many parts of the world start enjoying the sunshine, there’s one big question that’s being asked...

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    Today’s Video Briefing covers the latest cryptocurrency to take off for the skies: Ravencoin (RVN). It might have a fowl name, but Ravencoin prices have been hitting the roof for...

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    Today's Video Briefing covers Kin, the new ecosystem cryptocurrency for the instant messaging platform Kik. Kin has a plenty of money and a lot of users, but can that translate into success?

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    Brave Browser hits 60,000 verified publishers, and millions of users. Can this crypto browser change the advertising landscape?

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    Kiana introduces the latest news from Wanchain, which is planning a new blockchain bridge to one of the biggest dApp systems.

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    Today's Video Briefing covers three stories which could mean big news for Stellar Lumens.

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    Today's Video Briefing covers NEM, an early name in the token economy movement. NEM is having a bad year, but can it still pull off an upset?