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Video: Can Huobi Prime Launch HT Price?


It used to be a frustrating experience to invest in token offerings, but this year it’s getting easier. First Binance got in the token-offering business, and last week saw Bittrex’s abortive first tokensale. Now, another top exchange is getting into the game, after Huobi announced a premium platform for buyers to invest in newly-launched projects.

Today we take a closer look HT, the utility token for the Huobi exchange, and why its value could be increased by the new platform. Kiana explains how you can use Huobi Token for cheaper exchange fees and to participate in the Huobi ecosystem.

Next, Kiana takes a look at the Huobi token’s price, which is seeing massive gains in the run-up to Huobi Prime. Even with a likely correction incoming, those gains could mean big profits for a careful investor – as long as they don’t mind the risk.

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