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Blockchain Tech

Blockchain technology will change the world. This isn’t hyperbole – this is fact. Since humans became human, we have traded our time, services, and goods. And since the dawn of history, we have relied on imperfect methods of tracking those transactions. Which is why we have contract lawyers.

But blockchain technology finally delivers genuine trust to the business of business. With an immutable digital ledger, we can see what really happened when Tom, Dick, and Harriet made a deal – and who kept their side of the agreement.

Blockchains and smart contracts will literally change the way we interact as a species – and perhaps humanity will even do better, when our truths (and lies) are laid open for the world to see.

Blockchain could help improve education systems from teaching to verification of credentials

I Lost My Degree Certificate, Can I Still Get A Job?

Education is broken... it's a refrain heard across borders in the western world. Too many boomers, not enough taxpayers. And once their kids leave...
5 decentralized social media platforms to enjoy when you finally delete Facebook

5 Decentralized Social Media Sites To Help #DeleteFacebook

If data is the new oil, Facebook is the modern version of the Exxon Valdez. Fake news is big business, and it's easy for...
ChainLocks Dash Upgrade To Eliminate 51 Percent Attacks

ChainLocks: Dash Upgrade To Eliminate 51 Percent Attacks

Payments network Dash (DASH) may soon implement a new, unique network upgrade that will reportedly "eliminate" the threat of a 51% attack from the...
Wanchain is a universal blockchain adapter

Bitcoin Meets Ethereum: Wanchain Begins Blockchain Unification

Ever find the blockchain space a bit confusing? The ecosystem has gotten a little out of hand, with thousands of tokens on hundreds of...
Idex volumes surge as liquidity pours in

IDEX Volumes Surge As Liquidity Pours In

Exchanges were among the first businesses to feel the full brunt of 'crypto winter'. But although centralized trading platforms are still struggling to recover,...
Dash fifth anniversary

Dash Celebrates A Lean Fifth Birthday

It's been five years since payments platform Dash made its debut, which makes the project about 35 in crypto years. The Dash team has...
The 6 Best Blockchain Games And Why They Will Get Better

The 6 Best Blockchain Games And Why They Will Get Better

The blockchain community rallied around the first game to launch on the Tron network this weekend and most of them seemed to avoid the...
Blockchain Beware DAG And Block Lattice Are Here Nano IOTA Holochain

Blockchain Beware: DAG And Block Lattice Are Here

How often has the average cryptocurrency investor heard “blockchain, not bitcoin” ramble across their feeds? Or now, “bitcoin, not blockchain?” Often cryptocurrency is heavily associated...
Constantinople fork will make Ethereum more like Zcash

Constantinople Fork Will Make Ethereum More Like Zcash

Vitalik Buterin wants to be more like Zooko Wilcox. Well, more accurately, he wants Ethereum (ETH) to be more like Zcash (ZEC) with the...
litecoin is offering enhanced privacy

Litecoin Could Become A Privacy Coin This Year

Litecoin must be getting tired of standing in Bitcoin's shadow. After many years as Bitcoin's second fiddle, Litecoin core developers are getting more interested...

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