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Blockchain Tech

Blockchain technology will change the world. This isn’t hyperbole – this is fact. Since humans became human, we have traded our time, services, and goods. And since the dawn of history, we have relied on imperfect methods of tracking those transactions. Which is why we have contract lawyers.

But blockchain technology finally delivers genuine trust to the business of business. With an immutable digital ledger, we can see what really happened when Tom, Dick, and Harriet made a deal – and who kept their side of the agreement.

Blockchains and smart contracts will literally change the way we interact as a species – and perhaps humanity will even do better, when our truths (and lies) are laid open for the world to see.

Ethereum ASIC Miner Could Be A Game Changer

Ethereum ASIC Miner Could Be A Gamer-Changer

An Ethereum ASIC miner could be your worst nightmare, or your best friend - depending on your interest in technology. Talk to a gamer...
Who Needs A Blockchain Enabled Smartphone

Who Needs A Smartphone Designed For The Blockchain?

Huawei Technologies, a telecommunication equipment manufacturing giant, is giving strong signals that it will be building a smartphone that runs blockchain-based applications. The Shenzhen-based...
Blockchain Can Help Eliminate Child Labor In Cobalt Mines

Blockchain Could End Child Labor In Cobalt Mines

Blockchain tech is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, predicted to hit $2.3 billion by 2021. As an emerging disruptive technology...
Trinity Protocol Enables Cross Blockchain Interoperability

Trinity Protocol Enables Cross-Chain NEO-ETH Swaps

The Trinity Protocol, NEO’s off-chain scaling solution, has announced the Trinity Token (TNC) cross-chain asset converter, which will allow NEP-5 tokens (assets on NEOs...
Crypto Kitties Were Just The Beginning - ERC-721 Tokens On Ethereum

Sorry, Ethereum – Crypto Kitties Were Just The Beginning

If you bought an original copy of Action Comics #1 back in 1938 and managed to keep it in pristine condition for 75 years,...
Video Games To Begin Mining Crypto with new ALLMINE Game

Video Games To Start Mining Cryptocurrency

Video games are the forefathers of digital currencies. That may sound like a bold statement, but if you’re curious about the sustainability of cryptocurrency,...
ShapeShift MyCrypto mass adoption partnership

MyCrypto And ShapeShift Look To Adopt Baby Users

MyCrypto.com - the controversial startup that forked from MyEtherWallet.com last month - has partnered with ShapeShift.io (an almost equally controversial business, to crypto insiders)...
Personalized Cryptocurrency for the Future of Humankind

Personalized Cryptocurrency – The Future Of Humankind?

Tokenization is the key driver behind many successful blockchain startups, making it possible to digitize virtually any asset. It’s now possible to trade tokenized...
Sex Industry Poised To Penetrate Cryptocurrency

Sex Industry Poised To Penetrate Cryptocurrency

In many ways, the sex industry is the perfect use-case for cryptocurrency. Discretion is valued by customers and suppliers alike, who don’t always want their...
Millennial Gamers Rush To Embrace Cryptocurrency

Millennial Gamers Rush To Embrace Cryptocurrency

According to a report from Worldwide Asset eXchange, millennial gamers have used cryptocurrency at a rate over ten times that of their non-gaming peers....

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